Model: ET900

2-Series Electronic Cleansing Toilet

Upgrade your daily bathroom experience and increase hygiene with the 2-Series Electronic Cleansing Toilet (eToilet) from Moen. Enjoy a more comfortable and complete clean with its powerful performance that will leave you feeling fresh every time. The stylish, low-profile design eliminates the bulk from the back of the seat for a sleek and streamlined look. It also offers endless, instantaneous heated water with front and rear wash options and water pressure and temperature control to customize your experience. The eToilet includes both a manual knob and remote control, which comes with a wall-mount dock, and enables you to control the bidet functions of the toilet right from the palm of your hand for added convenience. Additionally, the eToilets provide the opportunity to cut down on toilet paper use, while enhancing comfort and personal hygiene.

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