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Installation Considerations
Can I change the trim (showerhead, arm, flange, escutcheon, handle/knob and tub spout) without changing the valve in the wall?
Can I purchase new tub and shower trim and connect it to my existing Moen tub and shower valve?
Can I replace a two-handle lavatory faucet with a single-handle model? Do all faucets fit all bathroom sinks and tub/showers?
Can I replace a two-handle or three-handle shower valve with a single-handle model?
Can I use my existing drain assembly when installing a new faucet?
My rough-in valve in the shower was installed too far back from my finished wall. Can I get an extension kit to correct this?
What is a pop-up drain assembly?
Why is there a gap between the handle and the escutcheon of my one-handle shower faucet?
What is the M-PACT? system?
I haven't used my PosiTemp® shower in my guest bath in a while. I now only get hot or cold water but not both.
The temperature on my Moentrol shower seems to be reversed ? cold water is where hot should be and the hot water is where the cold should be. Is there an easy way to change this?
What is meant by a "pressure-balancing" tub and shower faucet?
What is the difference between a PosiTemp® tub and shower valve and a Moentrol® tub and shower valve?
What size hex wrench is used to remove my PosiTemp® lever?
When I first turn on my Posi-Temp shower, I get scalding hot water. As I turn the handle counter-clockwise, the water gets cooler. How can I fix this?
Why does my PosiTemp® shower, with waterdrop knob, only give me hot water or cold water, and not a mixture?
How does the ExactTemp valve work?
What makes ExactTemp® better than the competitors' thermostatic valves?
What kind of cleaner can I use on my faucet featuring the Spot Resist™ Stainless or Spot Resist™ Brushed Nickel Finishes?
Moen Quality
Is there an adjustment that I can make to my faucet to increase the flow of the water?
What should I look for when purchasing a faucet?
Roman Tubs
Can I change the trim on my older Moen roman tub without replacing the valve body?
Does the Moen Roman Tub valve spout shank need to be cut to the desired height after it has been installed? Does Moen make a shorter one?
Vertical Spa
What is a vertical spa?

Kitchen & Bar

Installation Considerations
Can I purchase a non-spray faucet and convert it to a sprayer model using my existing side spray?
How many holes are necessary in my sink deck to install my kitchen faucet?
I am interested in one of the single handle models that feature the side-mounted handle. On your website, I only see these handles mounted on the right-hand side. Can the handle be mounted on the left hand side?
I have a Moen 1 handle kitchen faucet and need to replace the O-rings. What are the steps to do this?
I just replaced the cartridge in my Moen kitchen faucet and the handle will not stay in the on position, how do I fix this?
Is the same procedure followed for the 2 handle kitchen faucet?
My faucet has a high-arc spout, and it does not immediately shut off after the handle (or handles) are turned off. Why is this?
My kitchen faucet handle is hard to operate. What can I do to correct this?
The hose for my pullout / pulldown faucet keeps getting caught by various obstructions in the below cabinet. What can be done to alleviate this issue?
What kind of cleaner can I use on my LifeShine® faucet?
What kind of cleaner can I use on non-LifeShine components?
Does Moen make undermount sinks?
What size basket strainers do I need for my new sink?
Why don't basket strainers come with new sinks?
Moen Quality
Do all Moen products consist of one standard of quality regardless of whether the distributor is a retail or wholesale supplier?

Installation & Repairs

Can I join copper to PVC tubing? If so, how?
How do I install my kitchen or bathroom faucet?
I am concerned that the Moen faucet I am interested in will not fit in my thick countertop. Is there an extension kit that I can buy?
I just purchased a new faucet and my existing supply lines will not fit on your faucet. What can be done to correct this?
What are "sweat and/or cc fittings" and what does it mean "to sweat a pipe"?
What tools will I need to install or fix my faucet?
When do I need to use thread seal tape, pipe dope or plumber's putty?
Will it take me long to install a faucet?
Replacement Parts & Repairs
How can I purchase repair parts?
How long does it take to ship parts if I purchase direct from Moen?
I don't see my faucet on your website, does that mean it's no longer serviceable?
I have received some parts to repair my faucet. Is this something that I can repair?
If I contact Moen directly for warranty parts, what type of questions can I expect to be asked?
The hot and cold is reversed on my one handle kitchen/bathroom sink faucet. What can be done to correct this?
What causes a Moen faucet or valve to leak or drip?
Finding a Model Number
How can I find my model number?
I have located a number on my faucet, but your website states it is not a model number. What number is this?
Replacing a Cartridge
How do I replace my Moen cartridge?
What is the advantage of a Moen cartridge?
Where do I find assistance in repairing my Moen product?
What is your return policy?


Aromatherapy Showers
Are the capsules recyclable?
Can I control the intensity of the fragrance in the shower?
How do I activate INLY aromatherapy shower capsules?
Will my skin be scented after an INLY shower?
Will an essential oil shower leave my hair or skin greasy?
Will using INLY products make the bath or shower slippery?
Can i use INLY capsules to wash myself?
After starting the infusion of essential oils in my shower, can I turn off?
When i remove the capsule after use, it still feels full. is this normal?
How long does a capsule last?
Is there a warranty for the aromatherapy shower?
Why can't I remove a shower capsule?
Are there special cleaning instructions for this shower?
Where are the INLY shower capsules made?
How does INLY ensure quality ingredients?
Will the capsule color the water?
Are the products contained in the capsules tested on animals?
How easy is the installation of the showerhead?
Can I add aromatherapy to an existing Moen shower?
Why won't the dilution lever move?
Will my shower still work if I don't use a capsule?
Are there any warnings regarding the use of INLY capsules?
U by Moen Smart Faucet
How is the faucet powered?
Can I buy this faucet without owning a voice assistant?
What kind of voice assistant do I need?
Do I need WI-FI?
Where can I buy one?
What kind of batteries do I need to buy? Are they included?
Do I download an app?
What kind of phone do I need?
Nebia by Moen
Can I use my existing valve and plumbing?
What is the combined flow rate of the Nebia by Moen rainshower and handshower?
What is the combined flow rate of the Nebia by Moen rainshower and handshower?
What is the flow rate of the Nebia by Moen rainshower?
Are the Nebia by Moen products WaterSense labeled?
How much water can I save?
What is Nebia by Moen?
Will Nebia by Moen really get the shampoo and conditioner out of my hair?
What does atomization mean?
What is the combined flow rate of the Nebia by Moen rainshower and handshower?
Does atomization make the water feel colder compared to a standard shower?
Can the handshower flow independently from the rainshower?
How does the handshower turn on?
Can I install myself?
Is there backflow prevention?
What if I prefer to not use the waterproof permanent adhesive?
Are the Nebia by Moen products covered by Moen's Limited Lifetime Warranty?
Will this fit into my shower?
What is the water heater requirement?
What is the water pressure requirement?
Will the Nebia by Moen handshower effect my pacemaker since it has a magnet?
Will Nebia by Moen perform if I have low water pressure?
How do I clean my Nebia by Moen showerhead?
How does Nebia by Moen handle hard water (or lime scale)?
FLO by Moen
FLO by Moen Installation
Does Flo by Moen need to be professionally installed?
Using FLO by Moen
Can Flo by Moen pinpoint the origin of the leak?
How does the smart valve notify me if there is a leak in my water system?
Can I turn off my home’s water through the Flo by Moen app?
Does Flo by Moen work on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless networks?
Does Flo by Moen Smart Water Shutoff integrate with other smart home systems?
What if my router does not support 2.4GHz?
Does Flo by Moen integrate with any other smart home devices?
General Questions about FLO by Moen
Is Flo By Moen water resistant?
Does the Flo by Moen smart water valve have a warranty?
What is Flo by Moen?
Why do homeowners need this smart water valve installed in their homes?
Will Moen or Flo Technologies cover expenses relating to any water damage?
What if Flo by Moen doesn’t detect a leak? What happens when Flo by Moen malfunctions and I don’t have FloProtect?
What is MicroLeak™ Technology?
How much does FloProtect cost?
Do I have to be a Flo customer to sign up for FloProtect?
What do insurance companies think of this? Do you have insurance partners?
What is FloProtect Plan?
What does the FloProtect Plan offer that the Flo by Moen Basic offering doesn’t?
How do Flo by Moen customers sign up for FloProtect?
Do customers have to sign up for FloProtect to use Flo by Moen?
How do I adjust the flow?
How do I change the water temperature?
How do I disable or re-enable the sensors?
How do I use my sensors to turn the water on and off?
How does MotionSense operation differ from a standard mechanical faucet?
If I use one of the sensors to turn the water on, how long will it run?
Is it safe to have electronics under my kitchen sink?
What does the blue LED light indicate?
What is the spout range of motion?
Whom do I call for support?
What caused my faucet to turn on unintentionally?
Installation & Power
Can the faucet be mounted with left- or right-handle installation?
How do I uninstall the hoses for inline filter cleaning?
How do I disconnect the pullout hose from the control box?
How does the installation differ from a standard mechanical faucet?
How is MotionSense powered? Does it run on batteries or use AC power?
Will the valve fit under my standard sink cabinet?
I bought a new generation of MotionSense faucet, can I use my old Moen AC adapter?
Can this be used on a bar sink?
Care & Maintenance
How do I clean the faucet?
How do I clean the screen filter in the control box?
How do I troubleshoot the MotionSense faucet?
How do I know my batteries are dead?
What is the warranty?
Are there any issues with electricity and the chance of being shocked?
Do I have to plug the valve in, and is an electrician required for installation?
Do you need a larger hot water tank? What are the drainage requirements?
How does the controller mount to the wall?
How does the ioDigital™ valve work?
How far away will the remote controls work?
How many presets can you have for the shower? Roman Tub? Vertical Spa?
How many spray outlets can be used in a digital vertical spa?
Is the valve compatible with PEX, copper and CPVC?
Is this a pressure balanced valve?
What are the inlet sizes?
What are the outlet sizes?
What is the minimum water pressure needed for a digital valve?
What is the warranty on the valve? Controller?
Will the digital valves work with existing showerheads, hand showers and body sprays?
Will the valve fit within a regular 2" x 4" framed wall?
U by Moen Shower
Installation and Power
Care and Maintenance
ioDigital Upgrade


Troubleshooting: No water from tub/shower units
Troubleshooting: No COLD (just hot) or No HOT (just cold) water on tub shower units
Troubleshooting: No WARM water (no mixture of hot and cold) on tub shower units
Troubleshooting: Water temperature is not HOT enough on tub shower units
Troubleshooting: No water from tub/shower units
Troubleshooting: Water comes out of the showerhead when the tub spout is being used
Troubleshooting: Kitchen faucet leaks at the bottom of the spout
Troubleshooting: Side spray leaks when faucet is turned on
Troubleshooting: Kitchen faucet leaks between the spout and the handle
Troubleshooting: Low flow from side spray / Water still comes from spout with side spray activated
Troubleshooting: Pulldown wand "falls" out of spout
Troubleshooting: Pullout or pulldown wand will not divert between "stream" and "spray" modes
Troubleshooting: Fixture leaks from the end of the spout
Troubleshooting: Low water flow from spout — BOTH hot and cold water on sink faucets
Troubleshooting: Low water flow from spout — ONLY hot or cold water on sink faucets
Troubleshooting: Spout is difficult to rotate
Troubleshooting: Handle is difficult to operate
Troubleshooting: Handle will not stay in the on position (one-handle faucets)
Troubleshooting: Pop-up drain assembly not closing or opening properly