Drain Replacement Help


Moen products have been manufactured under the highest standards of quality and workmanship. Most Moen products are backed by Moen's Lifetime Limited warranty. For more information about your Warranty, please visit our Warranty Information page.


Sometimes drains need to be replaced due to rust or because the rubber gasket erodes over time. In some cases, a rusted pivot rod end can cause the pop-up stopper to stick in the drain. When these types of problems occur, it is time to fix your drain. 

Moen sells many kinds of drain replacement parts, including drain replacements for kitchen sink drains, bathroom sink drains, bathtub drains and shower floor drains.


Turn off your Main Water Supply.

Watch the Drain Assembly Video:


COMMON TYPES OF DRAIN REPLACEMENT PARTS (Click on the photo or link to see the category assortment):

Moen Kitchen Sink Drain Replacement Parts

Moen Bathroom Drain Replacement Parts
Moen Spring Loaded Push Button Bathroom Drain Assembly (without overflow)

Moen Spring Loaded Push Button Bathroom Drain Assembly (with overflow)

Moen Tub/Shower Drain Covers
Moen Threaded Shoe Drain Covers
Moen Grid Drain Without Overflow
Moen Lavatory (Bathroom) Drain Assembly
Moen Drain Plug & Seat
Moen Drainage Ells


Feel free to contact us or call us for assistance at 1-800-BUY-MOEN (1-800-289-6636). We are happy to help you through the process of replacing your Moen drain.