For decades, Moen's innovative yet simple standard cartridges have been used in one- and two-handle faucets. Today, we also offer our line of dependable Duralast® cartridges, which feature a ceramic disc, for use in many of our newer faucets.

In this module, you'll learn about all of our different cartridge options, beginning with our standard cartridges and ending with our Duralast models. You'll find descriptions of each cartridge's uses, construction and benefits as well as removal and installation instructions and quick-fix troubleshooting suggestions. As a result, you'll be equipped to work with all of our cartridges with assurance and ease.

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M-CORE Cartridges

1213 Installation

M-CORE 2-Series & 3-Series Cartridges

Adaptor with Check Valves:
Prevents cross flow of water between hot and cold water lines

Pressure Balance Puck:
Balances incoming hot and cold water pressure to compensate for fluctuations in the home’s water flow, keeping shower temperatures constant and comfortable

2-Series (1212): The 1212 cartridge that comes with the M-CORE 2-Series trim provides water temperature control

3-Series (1213): The 1213 cartridge that comes with M-CORE 3 Series trim provides water temperature and volume control

3 Port Valve Installation

3 Port Valve Installation

For 3-Port Valves, flip Adapter with Check Valves (180 degrees) so wing is at top.

4 Port Valve Installation

4 Port Valve Installation

The three components of the mixing valve cartridge ship assembled and ready for install into a 4-port mixing valve.

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