Meet Your New Kitchen Assistant

Luxe Chef™ Workstation Sinks

Maximize your prep space and improve your workflow with a sink suited for a chef. Moen Luxe Chef™ Workstation Sinks include accessories that turn your sink into an all-in-one workspace, so you can keep your counters clean by prepping over your sink.

Moen Workstation Sink

Workstation Sink Accessories

Each Luxe Chef Workstation Sink includes premium accessories so you can rinse, drain, prep and chop directly over your sink.

  • Hardwood cutting board
  • Flexible drying rack
  • Colander
  • Sink grid
  • Strainer with drain cover
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Complete Your Luxe Chef Kitchen

Elevate your everyday tasks with faucets designed to be a stylish focal point and a helping hand in the kitchen.


Luxe Chef™ Garbage Disposals

When you’re experimenting with new recipes, cleanup is the last thing you want to worry about. The Chef series garbage disposals can handle the toughest food scraps, like corncobs and chicken bones, so you can get creative in the kitchen and enjoy faster clean up.

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Moen EXL100C Garbage Disposal

Give Your Kitchen the Strongest Cleanup Possible

Find Your Perfect Fit

If a Luxe Chef kitchen isn’t your style, explore Host kitchens designed for entertaining and Prep kitchens made for those who are always on the go.

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