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Host™ Fireclay and Granite Sinks

Bring natural beauty to your kitchen with a Host Fireclay or Granite Sink that will make your home even more welcoming. The culmination of style and strength, these durable sinks will transform your kitchen into a work of art while holding up to daily wear and tear.

Moen Fireclay sink

Host Fireclay Sinks

Curate a timeless, elegant kitchen with a Host Fireclay Sink that brings warmth and style to your space without sacrificing durability. Crafted with 100% eco-friendly materials, these naturally beautiful sinks feature an apron front design and white-glazed finish that’s easy to clean and resistant to scratches, chips, heat and stains.

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Host Granite Sinks

Elevate the style of your kitchen with a beautiful Host Granite Sink. With two classic colors to choose from, granite sinks are a statement piece that complement any decor. Enjoy hosting get-togethers for years to come with impact-resistant materials that hold up to daily wear and tear with a timeless design.

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Moen Granite Sink

Complete Your Host Kitchen

Enhance the style of your space with a host-inspired faucet designed with features, finishes and details to express your unique sense of style.


Host™ Garbage Disposals

The Host series of garbage disposals makes cleanup a breeze by disposing of small fruit pits, banana peels and cooked meats quickly and with less noise, so you can get back to entertaining faster.

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Moen EX75C Garbage Disposal

Clean Up Your Kitchen with Ease

Find Your Perfect Fit

If a Host kitchen isn't your style, explore Luxe Chef kitchens that will unlock your inner chef and Prep kitchens made for those who are always on the go.