Currents Fall 2022 Kitchen

2022 Fall Inspiration Issue

Each season, we’ll share fresh design and lifestyle inspiration for your home in our seasonal inspiration issue, Currents. As the year winds down, we find ourselves peeking into 2023 and reflecting on the trends that resonated with us, but especially our favorite design trend of the year — personal expression. This issue is also extra special because it features the stunning, Parisian-inspired home of our Senior Creative Style Manager, Danielle DeBoe Harper.

Explore how she and her husband created a space that reflects their family by incorporating personalized touches from their family history and their travels. We hope this issue of Currents invites reflection on your design and decor preferences. As you explore the issue, consider the spaces in your home and the elements within that reflect you and your personal style.

Paterson Kitchen Faucet

A Whole-Home Vision

With brushed gold accents, walls filled with blue and white plates, linen café curtains, black and white checkerboard, and touches of rosy romance, to say that Danielle’s home is inspired by France is an understatement. Taking cues from her family’s French heritage, her Parisian-leaning personal style is evident in every corner of her home, from antiques found in the city itself to classic French design elements.

By finding her home’s theme and sticking to it, she designed a space that flows effortlessly from room to room, but it wasn’t always this cohesive and elegant. When Danielle moved into her home, every room was either red, yellow or blue. The first thing she did was paint the entire home white to create a blank canvas.

“When we moved into our home, there wasn’t a white wall in sight,” said Danielle. “After painting the entire home white to create a blank canvas, we determined that we’d keep all hallways, landings and common spaces white, while folding color into a few standout rooms.” She also considered how the rooms flowed together and set out a vision for the whole home with French elements, neutral paint and a key element found in the vestibule — checkerboard. She peppered this motif throughout her home in unique ways, from adding a checkerboard floor in her kitchen to placing a small checkerboard candle in the foyer.

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A major focal point of the home’s redesign was the kitchen. Danielle paired glossy white tile with light grey grout to create an elegant, subtle contrast of neutrals but aimed to balance those with the black and white checkerboard tiles and botanical inspired wallpaper. She also styled her windows with café curtains to evoke Parisian bistros, while providing privacy and letting light into the kitchen.

“After designing hundreds of kitchens and baths over the years, I’ve come to recognize plumbing fixtures as the jewelry of the spaces. They’re relatively small, but their presence is powerful — a unique finish or an elegant curve has high impact on the look and feel of a room, in the same way that jewelry does to an outfit.” The sleek profile of the brushed gold Cia kitchen faucet truly shines in the kitchen, but the pot filler is the crown jewel, both useful and beautiful.

Colinet Bathroom Light

Powder Room

Powder rooms are the perfect place to go outside of your comfort zone with design. While Danielle carried the black-and-white theme through into the powder room off of the kitchen, she gave it a decidedly golden touch with the timeless wallpaper and all gold finishes. She then layered in eclectic artwork.

“The globe light is arguably one of the most iconic French styles of lighting you can find. The Colinet collection offers optional cross handles or levers for the faucet, and one, two, three or four globe sconces for lighting.”

Dining Room

Dining and Living Rooms

In the dining room, Danielle and her husband designed in reverse by starting with more minute details, like a collection of beautiful decorative plates, and then adding in furniture and paint. In their living room, they embraced maximalism by mixing patterns, rich colors, and layers of mementos and artwork for a unique, eclectic statement.

“I think art can be meaningful, but to me it should be eye candy first and foremost,” said Danielle. “My collection runs the gamut from one-of-a-kind to reproduced. The only rule I have is to note how art makes you feel and check back frequently. If it no longer adds value to your space, be open to changing it.”

Sitting room

Embracing Your Style

After exploring Danielle’s home, you might be wondering: how do I discover or develop a personal style? Defining your personal style is about experimentation, evolution and getting to know yourself. Everything is on the table, so feel free to play, and personal style is ever-evolving — what feels right today may shift in a few years. Shape a personal baseline, then embrace the seasons of change. If you need a place to start, explore these three popular trends.

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Rather than being tied to a specific era of design history, glamour is all about finding the most elegant approach to any design style. Warm neutral tiling in a subtle pattern makes the perfect soft backdrop in the shower, and it pairs perfectly with chrome. Elegant molding treatments also pair well with the Doux collection, which stands out with its graceful arc and unique, soft-stream water flow. If you really want to enjoy a more sophisticated and customized bath experience, you can add luxury to your space with the sleek profile of an innovative eToilet.

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Warm Minimalism

A warm minimalist space goes beyond sparseness and functionality to include layers of visual softness. While minimalism typically features cool whites and greys, warm minimalism uses wood textures, natural textiles and organic elements to bring in warmth. Choosing a limewash paint or textured walls can provide depth and character, while a dose of black makes the perfect focal point in the neutral landscape. Add some shine and simple sophistication to your space by adding a wallmount tub filler, like the gently curved Glyde, which follows the natural movement of your water.

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Perennial Style

Like a khaki trench coat, classic style will always be relevant. Perennial design often features a timeless white backdrop, allowing the details to tell the story. Incorporating details like plate walls or café curtains into a contemporary environment or a large white space showcases design confidence and a sense of personal style.

Partner a classic white subway tile with a contrasting, patterned tile behind your stove to add pattern and texture to your cooking zone. And if you’re looking for a pop of color, mid-tone blues are the new navy, which you can use as you would neutrals to anchor any space. Picking a traditional faucet, like the Paterson Kitchen Faucet in Spot Resist™ Stainless, or a pot filler is a great way to add a subtle gleam to your kitchen that will never go out of style.

Flip through the fall edition of Currents to discover more beautiful ways to infuse the latest design trends into your home.