Model: 21596

Islet 33"x22" stainless steel 18 gauge single bowl dual mount sink

The ISLET™ workstation kitchen sink elevates culinary experiences in the kitchen by enhancing workflow and streamlining kitchen tasks. Unlike other workstation sinks, ISLET™ offers more sink space by eliminating the built-in ledge. The workstation sink bundle includes a high-quality, single bowl stainless steel basin perfect for holding large pots and pans, a bottom sink grid and an acacia wood cutting board. Both accessories are tailored to fit the sink perfectly, no matter your installation preference. Featuring dual mount installation, the sink can be installed above or underneath the countertop for added flexibility. Additionally, Moen’s SoundSHIELD™ system reduces vibration and noise caused by running water and dishes. ISLET is a perfect option for at-home chefs by allowing food prep and chopping to be completed right over the sink, simplifying chores and cleanup, and optimizing kitchen space.

  • Stainless Stainless