Moen® M-CORE™ Valve System

This is shower design on your time.

Introducing M-CORE, a valve system that’s simpler and faster to install, and offers functionality with desired style choices to create an ideal shower system. We've conducted extensive research to create M-CORE, and what drove the design was a passion to make the workday more streamlined for installers and to give more freedom in terms of showering functionality and design in new construction or remodel projects.

Moen M-CORE Valve System

A Designer's Dream

Enjoy M-CORE's improved style options including perfectly matching mixing and transfer trim, and attention to detail that reflects a desire for a dream bathroom. Not only does M-CORE allow for a wider array of trim selections, it also lets those going through the new construction or remodeling process take their time with selections as functionality and style choices can be made after the valve is plumbed. 

Moen M-CORE Valve System Dream Bathroom

How M-CORE Works

Once installed, M-CORE valves, with new 3-Series trim, have pressure-balancing capabilities designed to control temperature fluctuations in the event of water pressure changes in the home. They also feature volume control, allowing you to adjust the flow of water. The 3-Series trim for M-CORE valves is available in a wide range of style and finish choices. So you will have greater functionality and a trim that matches perfectly, which seamlessly complete the look of your shower. 

How M-CORE Works

Features & Benefits


Enjoy M-CORE’s improved style options, including the perfectly matched mixing and transfer trim

With M-CORE, you can decide on your trim after the valve installation, so you can take your time with your style selections

M-CORE offers a full line of 3-Series Trim in various finish options for every valve configuration

Matte Black 3 Series Trim

Easy Installation for your Plumber

​​​​​​Valve installation is an extremely technical and tremendously complex job that requires a lot of time and a high level of plumbing skill. It can be tricky and time consuming. The M-CORE valve system is making this process a whole lot easier for pro installers by allowing them to quickly and efficiently install a valve that will allow for adaptable functionality once it has been plumbed. The valve’s features were designed to reduce time and labor costs, without sacrificing work quality.

The M-CORE system also features an integrated mounting bracket that secures the valve directly to a brace, streamlining the installation process. It offers a quicker temperature limit stop adjustment process, and the integrated test plug allows installers to easily flush and test the system without having to remove or install the cartridge. M-CORE mixing and transfer valves also are available in several inlet and outlet plumbing options to meet the needs of the installers.

MCore Shower Installation
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