Moen® M-CORE™ Valve System

Introducing M-CORE, a valve system that's simpler and faster to install, and offers functionality with desired style choices to create an ideal shower system. We've conducted extensive research to create M-CORE, and what drove the design was a passion to make the workday more streamlined for installers and to give more freedome in terms of showering functionality and design in new construction or remodel projects.

This section is designed to provide a basic overview of all of Moen's M-CORE valve options to help identify which valve you are working with, as well as troubleshooting information.

Moen M-CORE Valve

Moen M-CORE 3 Port Valves

Two inlets and one outlet
Use for Shower Only systems or pair with a transfer valve to create a multiple showering device system


Moen M-CORE 4 Port Valves

Two inlets and two outlets
Use for Tub/Shower systems or pair with a transfer valve to create a multiple showering device system

Moen M-CORE Transfer Valves

One inlet and three outlets
Pair with a mixing valve to create two or three showering device systems

Moen M-CORE With Integrated Transfer Valve

Two mixing valve inlets and three  transfer valve outlets
A mixing and transfer valve combined to create two or three showering device systems

Moen M-CORE Installation Benefits
MCore Easy Installation and Increased Functionality

Easy Installation & Increased Functionality


Easy Installation

Integrated mounting bracket, mounts flat to brace

Transfer Valve Inlet aligns with Mixing Valve outlet

Simple cartridge modification to change the valve’s flow from two outlets to three outlets

For M-CORE Transfer Valves, cartridges will be included with the valve


Increased Functionality

2F/3F (U231) Independent 

3F/6F (U361) Shared

M-CORE transfer valves can control 2 or (NEW) 3 showering devices

6-Function (U361)- When using 3 showering devices, the valve has 3 independent and 3 shared functionality 

3 Series Cartridges

1213 Installation

1213 Cartridge

Adaptor with Check Valves:
Prevents cross flow of water between hot and cold water lines

Pressure Balance Puck:
Balances incoming hot and cold water pressure to compensate for fluctuations in the home’s water flow, keeping shower temperatures constant and comfortable

The 1213 cartridge that come in M-CORE 3 Series trim provides water temperature and volume control

3 Port Valve Installation

3 Port Valve Installation

For 3-Port Valves, flip Adapter with Check Valves (180 degrees) so wing is at top.

4 Port Valve Installation

4 Port Valve Installation

The three components of the mixing valve cartridge ship assembled and ready for install into a 4-port mixing valve.

M-CORE Connection Types

CC/IPS Connection CC/IPS
Cold Expansion Pex Connection Cold Expansion Pex
Crimp Pex Connection Crimp Pex
CPVC (4 Port)  Connection CPVC (4 Port)
Pre-Fabricated Tub Drop Connection Pre-Fab Tub Drop

Product Line

Overview of Moen M-CORE Valve Types

Moen M-CORE Valve Options
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The Numbering System Valve Key

We made the system intuitive for customers.

M-CORE trim, valves and cartridges are thoughtfully numbered to assist customers and consumers

M-CORE 3 Series SKU numbers are copies of the corresponding Moentrol SKU numbers with the addition of “U” prefix

Ex. Align Moentrol Valve Only trim: T3291 = Align M-CORE 3 Series Valve Only trim: UT3291
Exception:  For Wynford, which does not start with a 3 today T5501, we have simply added a 3 = UT35501

Each character in an M-CORE valve SKU number reflects the features and benefits of that valve

Ex. Number of ports, number of functions, number of handles, connection type and with or without stops

To tie to the trim functionality and naming convention, the 3 Series Cartridge will be SKU# 1213

3 Series Cartridges


M-CORE 3 Series Transfer Valve cartridges are single-piece construction.

Cartridges will ship with the trim for M-CORE 3 Series mixing valves.

For M-CORE transfer valves, the cartridge will ship with the valve.


3 Series Cartridges
Moen M-CORE Finish and Trim Options

Helpful Resources

Visit our troubleshooting guide or watch a video tutorial for installation advice and guidance.
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