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We often take the hidden network of pipes in our homes for granted, but with our new innovations and Smart Water Network products, the power of water is your hands.

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House at sunset

How to Build Your Dream Smart Home with Moen

Every year there are more and more innovative gadgets and devices created to simplify your life at home.

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Family watching storm

Everything You Need to Know About Sump Pumps

With today’s innovations in home security, there are so many ways to protect your home – but what about your sump pump? If you’re not sure where your sump pump is – or if you even have one – we don’t blame you.

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Motion Sense faucet in a Kitchen

4 Ways Motion Sensing Faucets Make You a Better Chef

Master chefs are known for their tools and creative kitchen ideas. Here are four reasons to add a motion-sensing faucet to your list of kitchen remodeling ideas.

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