5 Easy DIY Projects for High-impact Results

Could your space use a refresh? Do you have some extra time on your hands?

5 Easy DIY Projects for High-impact Results

There are plenty of beginner projects that are easy for anyone to complete, without requiring extensive experience in home renovation. DIY your way to high-impact design with these 5 easy projects – no contractor or designer required. 

Customize your kitchen faucet

Your faucet is the centerpiece of your kitchen design – and the most used item in your space. Level up the look of your entire room by upgrading this focal point with a fixture in an on-trend finish or style. For a serious design statement, try a mixed metal option like the Sinema™ pulldown kitchen faucet. Its art deco-inspired aesthetic adds bold glamour to your kitchen, and it comes complete with a choice of two handle finish options, giving an element of customization to your sink. A new faucet is simple to install, only requiring a few tools most homeowners have on hand.
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Put on a coat of paint for a beautifully bold outcome

Simply painting can make your space look new again without taking a major hit to your wallet. Add an accent wall for a quick change or give your trim a needed upgrade. Want something bold or unique? Experiment with contrasting colors like white with a black accent wall. Or get creative and paint a pattern like polka dots or stripes. New paint will add dimension to an otherwise dull room.
Baskets and new coat of paint

Update accessories for a quick style refresh

Is your bathroom blah? Low on your reno budget? An easy DIY idea is to switch out your old bathroom accessories for new ones. Simply changing the drawer pulls on your vanity, swapping out lighting, hanging a new mirror or updating the finish of your towel rack will make a significant difference. Add drama with Matte Black or Brushed Gold accessories, like those in Moen’s Colinet™ collection, or go for a contemporary feel with sleek Chrome choices.
The Moen Colinet Collection

Create a gallery wall

If you are looking to include a personal touch in your home, why not create a gallery wall? You can display your vacation photos, maps, children’s drawings, art prints, or family portraits all on one wall to establish visual interest – and minimize cost by using items you may already have in your home. To make arranging the items simple, lay everything out on the floor first to determine your ideal layout, then work from the outside in once you start hanging. The best part? It likely will only take one afternoon, but it’s something you’ll admire for a long time.
Create a Gallery Wall

Try these upgrades to your morning shower

By replacing the showerhead in your bathroom, you can completely change the look and feel of your entire space. Install a handheld fixture with multiple settings for more options in your morning routine or make your bathroom into a spa-like getaway by trading your standard showerhead for the Nebia by Moen™ spa shower. It uses water atomizing technology to envelope you in a calming spray while saving water at the same time. Bonus? The modern design gives an upgraded look to any bathroom, and it’s simple for anyone to install.

Whether you’re looking for a way to fill free time or you’re sick of looking at your old décor, now is the perfect time to tackle all of those DIY updates you’ve been putting off

Nebia Spa Shower

Take an hour or two and try some of these quick and easy DIY projects for yourself. You may be surprised at how much you can accomplish in such a short period of time!

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