Each new year comes with fresh styles and trends that will inspire and influence how you design your home. In our last issue of Currents, we explored personal expression and how your home can become a playground for experimenting with your personal style. This time around, we’ll show how you to lean into lighthearted design to style your home in a personal and playful way, or create a soft, neutral space with Earthy Eclecticism — one of our favorite emerging design styles.
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Designing with Playfulness

When you open your home to playful design, a spark of inspiration can quickly turn into a beautiful blaze of color that transforms your space into an uplifting and joyful escape. We met with Jessica Blue an interior designer and eclectic collector with a love of color and retro themes to learn about her approach to playful design. Her vibrant Chicago home is saturated with color, offbeat patterns, a collection of layered art books and one-of-a-kind paintings.

“Life is so serious and structured sometimes that I often seek to escape at home,” said Jessica. “And what better way than to come home to fun, patterned geometric pillows scattered across the bed, or even a simple piece of art that draws your eye and provides a bit of inspiration at the end of a stressful day.” Adding a bright, bold color can also naturally transform the energy of your space and infuse your home with positivity.

“Color is your friend. Do not be afraid to play with color!” said Jessica. “It is represented in every aspect of our lives — embrace it and run with it. If painting walls is too big a step, start with one patterned pillow and build a color story with the remaining accessories by pulling in similar shades and tones found in that pillow.” Color isn’t the only thing that can help you add some whimsy to your home.

Unique pieces of furniture or even a detailed backsplash can add some playful personality to your space. You can also infuse joy throughout your home by decorating your walls with a curated collection of art and adding dimension to your tabletops with vases, candlesticks and small sculptures. Finding a faucet with unique character, like the Weymouth spring kitchen faucet, is another easy way to update the aesthetic of your home. And with a finish like matte black, you can add visual contrast with a soft powder neutral that’s perfect in almost any environment.

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Earthy Eclectic

If playful design isn’t your style, one of our favorite emerging design styles can bring a sense of visual calm to your home. Earthy Eclecticism is a modern, organic and elegant style that pulls inspiration from the mid-century modern aesthetic. By balancing neutral tones and nature-inspired palettes with pops of saturation and an abundance of textures, you can design a warm, comfortable space that features your favorite parts of the outdoors.

Earthy Eclecticism layers neutral tones in a variety of textures to create depth, interest and a sense of luxury. To create a subtle backdrop for your bath, install skinny tiles in a stack bond formation that will give your shower or bath texture and dimension. You can also use a medium-contrast grout to make the pattern pop. The modern styling and brushed nickel finish of the 90 Degree bath collection will give your bath a soft gleam in the glow of natural light, creating a calm and contemporary spa-like environment. If you’d like to punch up the color, choose playful saturated shades that will help connect you to nature. Green continues to be the biggest trend in color, particularly rich jewel tones that pair beautifully with brass or brushed gold, especially the modern glamour of the Align bath collection.

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