Your home isn’t just where you live — it’s a blank canvas for your style and where your family’s memories are made. Every room offers its own moments of comfort and delight through the spaces themselves and the people (and pets) that inhabit them. In our spring edition of Currents, we’re exploring our favorite comforting design styles and showing you how to find the perfect faucet for your space, no matter the style. Shop the latest issue of Currents to find products and design inspiration that will help you create the looks you love in your home.

Spring 2023


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Gina Bishop in her farmhouse living room

Cozy, Farmhouse-Inspired Interiors

When it comes to design, there’s no style more comforting than the traditional embrace of farmhouse style — and what better place to explore this rustic style than in an actual farmhouse? We met with Gina Bishop at her 1824 farmhouse in Ohio where her warmth and eye for design come through in every element of her layered home. With nearly 200 years of history, the farmhouse has many stories of its own, but it’s also where Gina built her family and creative career.

“I love the quirks. I don’t think you can live in a house this old and not embrace those elements,” said Gina. “I wouldn’t change a thing — it’s perfectly imperfect to me.” Gina’s infectious joy is found in every corner with sunny yellows, eclectic wallpaper and plenty of pattern play throughout. Her historical home is also full of objects infused with family memories and vintage pieces that tell a story, from a retro refrigerator to crewel embroidery florals. By richly layering her home with unique details, Gina created a unique style that can’t be replicated. “Farmhouse style for me is practical, comfortable and a mix of styles with a nod to country,” said Gina. “All the original floors, windows, doors, hardware and walls provide a perfect rustic backdrop to playful design, creating that perfect balance of old and new.”

Weymouth Two-Handle Kitchen Faucet

To align with the origins of her farmhouse heritage style home, Gina chose traditional fixtures, including the Weymouth Two-Handle Pulldown Faucet, a traditional soap dispenser and a Sip beverage faucet. But it wasn’t just design styles that influenced Gina’s choices throughout her home. “Emotions and how you feel in a space are big drivers for how I create,” said Gina. “My style is influenced by what makes me smile and feel comforted.” As Gina approached styling the rooms throughout her home, she wanted each space to be functional, comfortable and reflect how her family actually lived. Rather than jumping straight into design, Gina spent time learning how her family actually used each room and determined how she wanted to feel in them.

More than anything, her main goal was for her family to find comfort and purpose in each space. “Above all, I want things to be useful in the home,” said Gina. “I want kids to be kids, pets to be pets and life to go on in all our rooms.” It’s undeniable that a lot of “life” goes on in the bath. It’s a place to wind down or start the day and either enjoy some solitude or playtime with little ones. With all those unique needs, it’s important that your fixtures are both beautiful and functional. The Colinet collection offers an elegant, traditional touch that perfectly complements the farmhouse aesthetic.

More Comfortable Styles For Your Home

Where some like to retreat to the rustic comfort of heritage style, others find respite in the colorful atmosphere of cottage style or the minimalist clean lines of industrial chic and soft modern styles.

Weymouth Kitchen Faucet

Cottage Style

Whether you want your home to be playful or pared-back, you can create a charming, comfortable atmosphere with cottage style. Incorporate elements from different styles and design eras, like vintage or antique decorative pieces, to create an eclectic result that’s all your own. Embrace abundant accessories and decor or keep it simple with restrained and neutral tones that create a relaxing environment.

Apphia kitchen faucet

Industrial Chic

Inspired by repurposed warehouses and manufacturing facilities, industrial chic style uses concrete, wood and steel to create a raw look that showcases the beauty of the materials. Curtainless windows, exposed brick and metal lighting are all marks of the industrial chic aesthetic, but modern brushed gold embellishments, like the Smart Faucet with Motion Control, add a touch of sophistication.

Verso Rainshower with Infiniti Dial and Cia MotionSense faucet

Soft Modern

Soft modern is the perfect balance between the colorful playfulness of cottage style and the contemporary sensibilities of industrial chic. Where contemporary style might have sharp angles and bright whites, soft modern incorporates curves and gentle color palettes to add personality to your space. Use large, fluted tile slabs or paintable fluted panels to add gentle texture, pattern and color to an otherwise minimalist space.

How to Select a Faucet

No matter what design style you choose, Moen has a faucet to reflect your style. Finding the right faucet can change the entire look of your kitchen, but with so many options to choose from, how do you know you’ve picked the right one? That’s why we’ve narrowed the process down to four easy steps to help you find a faucet with the style, features and setup you need.

How to Select a Faucet

Cia Brushed Gold Kitchen Faucet

1. Identify the current setup of your countertop or sink

The first step in selecting your kitchen faucet is determining how many holes there are in your sink or countertop. If you’re remodeling your space, the opportunities are endless, but if you’re keeping your existing sink and countertops, you’ll need to work with the setup you have.

  • One Hole – Sinks with only one hole need a one-handle faucet.
  • Two Holes – If your sink has two holes, you can install a one-handle faucet, plus a beverage faucet, soap dispenser, or an air switch to turn your garbage disposal on and off.
  • Three Holes – Sinks with three holes can either feature a two-handle faucet or a one-handle faucet that includes a deck plate to cover the additional holes you’d prefer not to use.
  • Four Holes – If your countertop has four holes you can customize your sink by pairing a one-handle faucet with a beverage faucet, a soap dispenser or an air switch for your garbage disposal.

Align Spring Kitchen Faucet

2. Identify your style

As you search for inspiration for your faucet, consider where your personal style and tastes lean. Most household fixtures fall into the modern, transitional and traditional categories, but many faucets blur the lines between these styles. Explore the latest trends on our Design Trends page and visit our Collection page to find your unique style.

Moen Finish Flatlay

3. Select your finish

We believe that the finish and style combination of your faucet can define the entire look and feel of your kitchen, making it the centerpiece of your space. Whether you want a finish that adds some contrast like matte black, or a tone that blends in seamlessly like Spot Resist™ Stainless, the perfect finish can elevate your space.

Reyes Chrome Kitchen Faucet

4. Find your features

Moen innovations are designed to make all of your kitchen tasks easier. From the Power Clean™ spray that cleans off sticky, caked-on messes to Reflex™ retractable faucets that give you more flexibility at the sink, each advancement makes every day easier. Plus, with over 50 styles of Smart Faucets to choose from, you can enjoy smart, touchless features without sacrificing style. Explore all of the Moen innovations that make your tasks easier and discover why you won’t want to update your kitchen without them. You can also take our Kitchen Faucet Quiz to get paired with a faucet that includes the features you need in 5 easy questions.