You've settled into your new house and can't wait to renovate that outdated kitchen and bathroom. But where do you start? Need some inspiration? Let's delve into some of the latest trending bathroom and kitchen design ideas.

Go contemporary, traditional or transitional

The transitional kitchen combines warm elements of traditional design, like natural surfaces, with clean, simple lines and neutral colors. This design trend borrows from both traditional and modern concepts, making it one of the most popular styles around.

But some looks are timeless and many homeowners continue to favor traditional designs for both kitchen and bath. Farmhouse style is one trend that is always in fashion. Consider shiplap wood, especially white-painted shiplap, for places like backsplashes and ceilings to bring a chic look to your bathroom or kitchen.

The transitional kitchen combines warm elements and neutral colors

Think simple yet smart

With modern styles come clean lines with simple functionality, along with built-in elements. White and gray painted kitchen cabinets remain a favorite, as do wooden cabinets. If you are really looking for that industrial look, some designers now recommend metal cabinets.

If metal doesn't make you sing, consider two-toned cabinetry. Color, especially blue, is in vogue for both cabinets and appliances. Go ultra sleek with a microwave drawers, which provide a subtle shift in design aesthetic, doing away with ugly freestanding or built-in appliances.

With modern styles come clean lines with simple functionality

Experiment with mixed materials

You don't have to settle for boring counter tops. Non-traditional design can add a fresh look to any kitchen. Think of opting for stainless steel or mixed-material countertops. A stainless option provides a sleek, pro-kitchen appearance, as well as convenience and durability.

As for mixed materials, smooth wood can combine with marble to make a beautiful kitchen countertop. But that's not your only choice, you can always use quartz countertops, which are durable and offer amazing finish options.

Homeowners are also starting to choose fixtures in finishes besides stainless steel, and are mixing different metals. For extra inspiration, check out Moen's STo matte black high-arc kitchen faucet, which could work in an industrial, transitional, contemporary or farmhouse design.

If traditional speaks to you, chrome remains popular for those seeking classic looks.

Consider luxury no matter your style

Some homeowners are replacing traditional tubs with large combo "wet rooms" that include both bath and shower. You can go even further by installing a luxury shower with multiple sprays.

For those who want to linger in a spa-like retreat, bathrooms are starting to include Bluetooth, docking stations, built-in TVs and wireless speakers. You can even have a fireplace built into your bathroom. If you want to go hi-tech, Smart Shower is a digital showering system that syncs to the Moen Smart Water App and allows you to set custom temperature and timing presets. Now that's luxury!

Install a Smart Shower for modern convenience

Whether you favor traditional decor, modern, or a bit of both, identifying your design inspiration can help you create the bathroom and kitchen of your dreams.

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