A Cleaner Environment Starts At Your Kitchen Sink

According to the EPA, food is the largest single source of waste in U.S. landfills and incinerators, making up more than 20 percent of the country's garbage. Americans are dumping food waste into landfills and the figures are staggering: we're putting millions of tons of food waste into the ground each year.

Discarded food items don't simply make their way back into the soil. Instead, they produce methane, a strong greenhouse gas.

food is the largest single source of waste in U.S. landfills

Instead of dumping more waste into landfills, garbage disposals -- like the complete line from Moen -- send food waste to septic systems or wastewater treatment facilities. Often, these facilities have the ability to convert waste into biogas, a methane-rich byproduct that can be used for energy generation -- meaning our waste can potentially be used in a manner that positively affects the environment.

The simple step of transferring and disposing of food waste at the sink, versus into a trash can, has the potential to produce huge environmental benefits. Installing and utilizing a garbage disposal in your home can significantly reduce the amount of waste your family throws out on a regular basis. A powerful, dependable Moen disposal will ensure years of reliable performance, simplify meal prep and clean-up, all while sending less waste to the landfill.

Moen garbage disposals quickly transform food scraps into finely ground particles, thanks to their unique VORTEX™ permanent magnet motor technology. The VORTEX motor also provides fast revolutions per minute (RPM), which can help to reduce jamming.

Install a Moen garbage disposal with vortext technology

Because Moen products are known for their reliability and are backed by Moen's Limited Warranty and professional in-home service, you won't have to worry about replacing your unit, and ultimately putting more waste into a landfill.

For years, homeowners have trusted Moen to be a leader in high-quality, eco-performance products. Producing our own line of garbage disposals was the next logical step in helping homeowers realize significant environmental benefits, while offering a complete package above the sink and below -- from faucetssinks and filtration to accessories and now disposals.

There are eight models within the Moen garbage disposal portfolio designed to meet the needs of any kitchen. They are available at retail and wholesale showrooms nationwide.

Moen garbage disposals are backed by a limited warranty
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