The Secret Beauty Benefits of Water

Water is Earth’s most crucial resource, and we all know it’s essential to our health – but it can perform miracles for our appearance, too. Believe it or not, water can be the answer to our biggest beauty problems (think brittle nails, dry skin, and damaged hair).

To uncover the secret benefits of H2O, we turned to the leader in water experiences in the home, Moen. Read on to learn how incorporating H2O into your daily regimen can help you look and feel even more fabulous.

The Secret Beauty Benefits of Water

Swap your toner for rose water – Because of its antibacterial properties, rose water will soothe irritated, acne-prone skin and help hydrate dry faces. Pour some on a cotton pad and wipe it across your cheeks and t-zone – you’ll feel instantly soothed.

Start your morning with steam – Steaming your skin over a boiling pot of filtered water cleans and shrinks pores. For the ultimate spa-like experience, you can even add essential oils, like peppermint or lavender.

Try cactus water beauty products – There’s a reason these prickly succulents thrive in the dry air of the desert: they’re full of ultra-hydrating H2O. Cactus water contains a high concentration of electrolytes to hydrate the skin, plus rich antioxidants that help prevent UV damage. Beauty products infused with prickly pear cactus water also can help protect skin from signs of aging and collagen loss. 

Wash your face with rose water

Lock down your showering routine – Bathing is a great way to relax and unwinding is a must-do to avoid showing signs of stress on your complexion. To get the most out of your shower, remove makeup beforehand for a deeper clean, avoid scalding temperatures that often cause dryness, and moisturize while skin is still damp.

Another pro tip? Choose a fixture that creates a soothing environment, like the Moen Attract™ Combination Handshower and Rainshower with Magnetix™, which offers various settings ranging from massage to combinations of soft and forceful full-rinse sprays. This showerhead provides the full flow of a rainshower and the convenient functionality of a handshower. Plus, the powerful magnetic dock allows for easy release of the handshower, as well as a secure return back into place, even with your eyes closed.

Lock down your showering routine

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate – Drinking water helps keep your skin toned, cleansed and flushed of toxins. Your body naturally fills cells with H2O to make them firm and tight, which reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Not to mention nails can become brittle and break more easily when you’re dehydrated. Some experts recommend drinking eight glasses a day1 for the average adult.

Turn down the temperature – When it comes to skincare, cooler temperatures are ideal. Showers that are too hot can dry out skin and strip it of natural oils, as well as wreak havoc on your hair and scalp.

Cleanse twice a day to keep breakouts away – Washing your face twice a day, once in the morning and once at night, is important to rid your skin of dirt, excess oils, and makeup residue. Just be careful not to be overly aggressive with exfoliation.

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Drink water to stay hydrated

With all of the beauty products out there, it can be hard to know what is best suited for your skin or hair type. While creams, oils, and serums are common go-tos for a healthy routine, don’t overlook the benefits of good ol’ H2O – it’s one beauty resource you don’t want to forget.

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