Modern Bathrooms: Fixture Inspiration for the Perfect Bath Retreat

Do you ever check into a hotel and drool over the bathroom? The fixtures, the modern design—everything is simply on point. Now, if only you could pack up the bathroom in your carry-on bag and bring it home with you. With a little help from Moen, you can. Let's get inspired and explore you very own dream bathroom.

The Perfect Modern Shower

It's where you start and end your day—the shower. Shouldn't it be the perfect balance between invigorating and relaxing? You can begin your modern bathroom planning by reviewing design galleries. The key to a modern bathroom is a combination of clean lines, a minimalist aesthetic and bold complementary paint color choices. Whether you choose neutrals or brights, always remember: less is more.

Moen's entire 90 Degree collection is about defined corners and straight, sleek looks. You'll first want to figure out if a shiny chrome or a sleek brushed nickel finish is more in line with your design aesthetic. From there, you can opt for updating your entire showersuite with showerhead, faucet control and tub spout.

Or, you can begin with a simple rainshower showerhead that will easily switch out with your existing showerhead. A rainshower drenches you with a consistent, relaxing stream, just like the shower at your favorite spa.

You could also opt for a hand-held shower option with a low-profile design like Moen's Engage Chrome showerhead. The clever Magnetix™ system means that you have the convenience of a mounted showerhead or a hand-held sprayer, switchable will just a pull from the sprayer's simple magnetic dock. And don't worry—the sprayer always mounts facing front so you won't have to worry about splashing outside the shower.

90 Degree Chrome Showerhead with Safety Grab Bar

Modern Accessories to Round Out Your Look

Your perfect modern bathroom wouldn't be complete without the accessories to complete the task. From robe hooks to towel bars and towel rings to paper holders, you can bring the modern look you crave into any sized space with ease.

The 90 Degree collection offers a wide variety of accessories. You can choose the ideal length towel bar for you wall space and if your design allows, install a towel ring next to your sink for a handy hand towel. Robe hooks can also be used in lieu towel bars, giving a more relaxed and casual look to your modern bath. The 90 Degree collection also offers additional accessories like drawer pulls and toilet tank levers to fully complete the visual for your new modern bath.

To complement the Vichy faucet and Engage showerhead, have a look at the Arris accessory collection. The towel ring will look perfect right next to your sink and this robe hook is perfect for robes, towels, PJs or even your favorite zip-up jacket.

Arris Matte Black Wallmount Faucet with Towel Bar

Complementary Fixtures

You can also add personality to your perfect modern bath retreat by replacing your same-old-same-old mirror with an elegant modern option. Angular, modern fixturesare perfectly complemented with the Rockcliff mirror. Want to amp up those sweeping curves you added? Try the round Iso chrome mirror. Either way you go, you're making a sleek move.

And finally, make your new bathroom shine with fresh lighting fixtures. The 90 Degree lighting collection continues into lighting with everything from single-light sconces to four-light fixtures. There's also to sophisticated Iso lighting collection, the ideal complement to the Arris fixture line (which also has its own sleek magnifying mirror) and many of the other modern Moen fixture selections.

Rockcliff Brushed Nickel Mirror

For more inspiration, don't be shy. Stop by Moen's main bathroom pages and select "Modern." You can view a wide variety of modern fixtures in a wide array of collections. Check out our modern shower/spa fixturesmodern faucets and modern accessories.

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