Moen Chrome

High-Gloss Finish

Moen Chrome Bathroom Faucet with Vessel Sink
655 Chrome Tub Filler
84770 Chrome Align Faucet
Highly Polished & Reflective


Chrome is one of our favorite finishes and is neither overly trendy nor boring. Chrome is super-polished and cool-toned to the point of glistening, more like a mirrored surface than a new color entirely. It reads fresh, shiney, daring, retro-modern or even traditional depending on the shape.

2oclock-87355 Chrome Power Boost Kitchen Faucet
5oclock-87997 Chrome Kitchen Faucet
8oclock-84535 Chrome Bathroom Faucet
11oclock-26009 Chrome Magnetix Double Showerheads
It's Inspired

Design is Willfully Sophisticated

We've thoughtfully leveraged the opinions of designers, architects, and consumers to arrive to exactly the right tone and degree of sheen that's ideal for elevating any environment.


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