Doubling Down on Shower Curtain Rods (Wait, What?)

Featuring the Moen Adjustable Curved Shower Rod

Shower rods that are curved and doubled allow for more room in the shower and keep the liner away from the shower curtain.

single rodClever designers have grabbed onto a hot new trend in of all places—the shower. It's not the faucet, the showerhead nor the tub fixtures we're talking about here but rather, the shower curtain rod which has been doubled. That's right, two rods, one for the liner, one for the curtain in the master bath and somehow it all makes perfect sense. Oh, one more thing, they are also curved and there's a good reason for that.

Keira St. Claire is the lead Interior Designer at Anthony Wider Design/Build based in Cabin John, Maryland, and has a simple answer for the curve question. She says, “a curved shower rod is a great solution for both form and function. It provides more room in your shower, it keeps the wet shower curtain from clinging to you and it helps to keep the water in the shower."

double rodThat explains the curve but adding another rod creates some aesthetic aspects to think about including an economical way to start a powder room upgrade—assuming the powder room has a shower. “These rods offer a more luxurious look. They're a simple and inexpensive change to make your bathroom design feel more upscale," says St. Claire.

Keep in mind that doubling up on the curtain rods isn't the perfect bathroom design idea for every space, as it does take up more room on the outside of the shower. If your sink or toilet is close to the tub, it may make the room look crowded, so take some measurements and do some eyeballing first.

In addition to the upscale look and more space for getting squeaky clean, using double curtain rods in the bath has some other practical applications when it comes time for cleaning the place up. St. Claire says, “by hanging your liner on the inside rod and the decorative curtain on the outside rod, you can take just one or the other down for washing instead of taking both the liner and the curtain off the rings. Because the double rod separates the curtain and liner, there is more space between the two, so drying is more efficient, reducing mold and mildew."

silver ringsFrom a design point of view, the double rods can also help brighten things up by allowing you to leave the decorative curtain open while bathing to bring in more light. The outside rod can be used for hanging towels, or robes, turning it into an ad hoc towel rack. Many double rods are even available with bathroom accessories, like matching curtain rings.

bronze ringsIf you're thinking about changing things up in the master bath or starting a small bathroom remodel, keep in mind that hardware including your curtain rods, doesn't have to be all stainless steel. Moen has a wide selection of double curtain rods to choose from, including bronze and nickel. When thinking of darker shades of metal, consider your design goals and the features of the room. St. Clarie says, "While trends are fun, they aren't always the best solution for everyone. Pay attention to the details of your space and the things about it that are positive and negative." So the next time you're looking for an easy project in the bath, or seeking bath remodeling ideas, take a look at something you touch every day, the humble shower curtain and the rod it rides on.