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Can I add aromatherapy to an existing Moen shower?

Moen developed a unique line of Aromatherapy Showers that incorporates patented INLY technology to infuse the shower with essential oils. For a full listing of available aromatherapy products, please go to

How easy is the installation of the showerhead?

It is an easy, DIY installation like all of our Moen replacement showerheads. Instructions provided online and packaged with the product.

Will my shower still work if I don't use a capsule?

It's an incredible shower every day; an aromatherapy shower when you need it. When no capsule is inserted the shower will function as usual.

Why won't the dilution lever move?

The dilution lever will not move from the "o" position unless an INLY shower capsule is fully locked into the infusion dial on the back of the handshower. Make sure the notches are aligned on the dial. See the instruction manual for additional tips.

Why can't I remove a shower capsule?

Make sure the infusion of essential oils is turned off by aligning the dilution lever to the "o" position (far-right position when looking at the front of the handshower). From there, you can rotate the infusion dial on the back of the handshower counterclockwise until it stops and then slide the capsule out.

Is there a warranty for the aromatherapy shower?

The showerhead is backed by Moen's Aromatherapy Shower Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Are there special cleaning instructions for this shower?

There are no special cleaning instructions for this product. Like all Moen showerheads, we recommend using a mild soap, rinsing with warm water and drying with a clean, soft cloth. Never use cleaners containing abrasives, ammonia, chlorine, bleach or other harsh chemicals to clean, as they may damage the finish. The aromatherapy handshower is equipped with a filter screen in the base of the device handle to protect against debris getting into the shower and causing blockage. You can find it by removing the shower hose connected at the base of the handshower. Use pliers to remove the screen. Flush the screen upside-down under running water to wash away build-up or debris that might be causing reduced water flow.

Where are the INLY shower capsules made?

They are made in France. To create the aromatherapy experience, Moen partnered with INLY, a brand owned by the French corporation Skinjay, to adapt their inventive technology and make it available for the North American consumer.

How does INLY ensure quality ingredients?

The capsule formulations comply with European cosmetic regulatory standards and have been tested to ensure the quality, safety and compliance of the final product. The fragrance contained in the formulation is made with 100% pure, natural and complete essential oils.

How do I activate INLY aromatherapy shower capsules?

Warm your shower water to the desired temperature. Shake the shower capsule to mix essential oils and slide into the infusion dial on the back of the handshower. Lock into place by rotating the dial clockwise until the indicator notches align. Now you're ready to start the INLY aromatherapy experience by shifting the dilution lever to your preferred fragrance setting indicated on the front of the handshower on the bottom left-hand side.

  • "o" = No Fragrance
  • "III" = High Fragrance
  • "II" = Medium Fragrance
  • "I" = Low Fragrance

Can I control the intensity of the fragrance in the shower?

Yes. The lever located on the bottom left side of the handshower controls the level of fragrance in the shower. To activate the infusion of water, slide the lever to your preferred setting (listed below). Dilution control markings are on the bottom left side on the front of the handshower spray face.

  • "o" = No Fragrance
  • "III" = High Fragrance
  • "II" = Medium Fragrance
  • "I" = Low Fragrance

After starting the infusion of essential oils in my shower, can I turn off?

Yes. The lever located on the bottom left side of the handshower controls the level of fragrance in the shower. You can stop the infusion of essential oils at any time by sliding the lever to the far-right "o" position. Dilution control markings are on the bottom left side on the front of the handshower face:

  • "o" = No Fragrance
  • "III" = High Fragrance
  • "II" = Medium Fragrance
  • "I" = Low Fragrance

Will using INLY products make the bath or shower slippery?

The essential oils used are much less viscous than most standard shower gels and shampoos. Typically, they are easily rinsed away with water.

Can I use INLY capsules to wash myself?

They are designed to enhance, not substitute, your daily showering routine, allowing “me” time through the power of aromatherapy without deviating from your normal showering routine.

Will an essential oil shower leave my hair or skin greasy?

Contrary to what you might expect by ‘oils’, essential oils are not fatty substances but essences. INLY formulations won’t leave any greasy residue on your hair or skin.

Will my skin be scented after an INLY shower?

INLY capsules are designed to provide a sensory experience without perfuming your skin. However, the olfactory sensation from the INLY capsule will pervade your bathroom for some minutes after, extending the aromatic experience.

How long does a capsule last?

On average, between 3 to 10 minutes, depending on the selected dilution setting, scent selection, and the configuration of the bathroom and ventilation. For an optimal aromatherapy experience, use one INLY capsule per shower.

When I remove the capsule after use, it still feels full. Is this normal?

The INLY technology mixes the essential oils with water in order to infuse the shower water. This explains why there is water in the capsule at the end of your shower experience.

Can I refill the capsules myself?

Moen's Aromatherapy Showerhead is specifically designed to work with originally sealed INLY capsules. Refilling capsules will void your product warranty and may impede the performance of your showerhead.

Are the products contained in the capsules tested on animals?

No animal testing. The capsules are made in France and the European Union has banned all animal testing for cosmetic products.

Will the capsule color the water?

No. INLY capsules contain only uncolored ingredients.

Are the capsules recyclable?

Typically, yes. INLY capsules are made with aluminum lids and HDPE plastic casings. To recycle, all you need to do is peel the lid off the capsule and then recycle the capsule. Consult your local recycling office for what is acceptable in your community.

Are there any warnings regarding the use of INLY capsules?

For a written listing of these warnings, please visit here.

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