What Do I Need to Do?

If you currently use the shower as a Smart Home device, for example, “Alexa, turn on my master bath,” there is nothing new that you will need to do. You can continue to operate the shower and your presets as you normally do.

If you currently use the shower through the custom voice model, for example, “Alexa, ask Moen to turn on my master bath,” there will be a few simple steps you can take now to make sure you can continue to use your shower with Alexa.

2 Simple Steps to Prepare

First, you will want to open the Alexa app on your phone.  

Find the list of your smart home devices by tapping on Devices, and All Devices.  

If your shower is listed here, everything is ready! You can use your shower simply by telling Alexa to turn it on, or to run a preset on that shower. A list of sample commands follows these instructions.

If your shower is not listed under All Devices, you can say, “Alexa, discover my devices.” After a few moments, Alexa will discover the shower and you can start using it right away using the commands below.

Example Commands

For the following commands, assume that the shower’s name is “Master Bath”, and the preset name is “Workout”. You can change the shower name in the Alexa Device settings at any time. All preset names and functions are still set in the Moen Smart Water App.

Turning On the Shower

  • Alexa, turn on Master Bath.
  • Alexa, start Master Bath.
  • Alexa, begin Master Bath.

Turning On the Shower to a Temperature

  • Alexa, turn on Master Bath to 110 degrees
  • Alexa, start my Master Bath at 110 degrees
  • Alexa, begin Master Bath at 110 degrees

Turning Off the Shower

  • Alexa, turn off Master Bath
  • Alexa, stop Master Bath
  • Alexa, end Master Bath.

Running a Preset

  • Alexa, set Master Bath to “Workout”
  • Alexa, set Master Bath to my Workout setting
  • Alexa, set the preset on Master Bath to “Workout”.
  • Alexa, set the mode on Master Bath to “Workout”.
  • Alexa, start the setting “Workout” on Master Bath.
  • Alexa, start the preset “Workout” on Master Bath.
  • Alexa, start Master Bath in Workout mode.

Creating a Routine

The commands above are only the beginning. With Alexa’s routines, running a preset becomes even easier.  

To begin, tap on your shower in the Alexa app under Devices > All Devices.

Scroll to the bottom and tap, “Create a Routine”.  

On the Routines screen, you can see any routines you have created. You can add a new routine using the + button at the top right, or in the center of the screen if you have no routines yet.

There are three steps to creating a routine. Tap on “Enter a routine name” to begin, using the options below to get you started.

Tap “Enter routine name”:  

  • Type: Favorite
  • Tap: “Next”

Tap “When this happens”:  

  • Tap: “Voice”  
  • Type: run my favorite preset
  • This is what you want to say to Alexa in order to start preset.
  • The full line displayed on the screen is “Alexa, run my favorite preset”.
  • Tap: “Next”

Tap “Add action”:  

  • Scroll to and tap “Smart Home”
  • Tap your shower from the list of devices
  • Tap “Preset”
  • Tap on “Select”
  • Find the preset you want the routine to use and tap to select it.
  • Tap: “Next”

When you complete all three sections, tap “Save” on the top right. The routine is ready to use in a few moments. Simply say, “Alexa, run my favorite preset” to try it out.

This example demonstrates a simple routine, but you can add additional actions to further customize your experience.

Explore the options available, or for more information about routines, visit Amazon’s Alexa Help & Customer service page.

Having Trouble or Need Help Troubleshooting?

When technology just doesn’t want to play nice, we have customer service representatives available to assist you.  

In the USA

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Visit: https://www.moen.com/customer-support/contact-us

In Canada

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