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Our free app simplifies your life and gives you peace of mind by activating all the innovative features of your Smart Water Network products so you can conveniently control and customize your water.

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Moen Smart Water Network App

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Enhance your everyday interactions with water in your home.

Smart Water Network App Control From Anywhere

Control From Anywhere

Turn your smart products on and off from anywhere with your smartphone, from your Smart Sprinkler Controller to the Flo Smart Water Monitor and Shutoff.

Smart Water Network App Leak Protection

Whole-Home Leak Protection

With the Flo Smart Water Monitor and Shutoff, you can monitor your water usage, detect leaks 24/7 and shut your water off from the app to prevent catastrophic water damage.

Smart Water Network Alerts

Notifications and Alerts

Receive real-time alerts through the app, so you can immediately address potential issues, like a leak or abnormal humidity or temperature levels.

Smart Water Network Presets

Customize and Personalize

Make your everyday routines easier by creating custom presets in the app, like custom watering schedules for your Smart Sprinkler Controller and unlimited presets for your Smart Faucet.

Smart Water Network App Water Usage

Track Water Usage

View your home’s total water usage by fixture type so you can better understand when and where water is being used.

Smart Water Network Scheduling Skips

Conservation Goals

Set conservation goals in the app and automatically shut off your devices after a certain amount of time to improve your water savings.

Smart Water Network Piece of Mind

Enhanced Peace of Mind

Moen smart products don’t just connect to the app; they also connect to each other to create enhanced experiences throughout your home.

Smart Water Network App Installation

Installation Assistance

The app provides step-by-step installation instructions for each product and provides easy access for customer service and plumbing professionals.

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With the Moen Smart Water App, your water is at your fingertips. Download the app for free on the App Store® and on Google Play®.

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Simplify Your Smart Home

Discover how to connect Moen products to your existing smart home platforms, so you can conveniently control all of your smart home technology from one place.

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