It’s time to review your Installation Checklist

Moen Flo Device

Pre-Installation Requirements Checklist

Be prepared to answer these questions when scheduling your installation appointment.

1.) Locate your main water supply line.

  • Is it located inside or outside of your home?
  • Is there room to easily access your main water shutoff?
Flo on water main

2.) Determine your main water pipe size.

  • Your pressure reducing valve or shutoff valve may be marked with the size of the pipe. You can also measure the circumference of the pipe using tailor’s tape or a string.
  • Note – the Flo Shutoff is not compatible with galvanized pipes. Check to see if your main water supply pipes are galvanized by placing a magnet on the pipe. If the magnet connects to the pipe, your water line is made of galvanized pipe and the plumber may need to evaluate an alternative installation plan.
Pipe Size Icon

3.) Ensure you have an AC power outlet within 35 feet of your shutoff.

If you do not, you will need an electrician to install an AC power outlet near your water main shutoff.

Flo with power cable

4.) Confirm a strong 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection is available at the installation area.

When pairing your device in the app, confirm the device can successfully connect to Wi-Fi at the installation area. If the signal is weak or unable to pair, we recommend purchasing a Wi-Fi signal extender.

Wifi icon

Schedule Your Installation Appointment

Your purchase includes standard installation by a professional plumber.* Our third-party installation partner, Frontdoor Pro, will call you within one business day of placing your order to schedule your Flo Shutoff installation and review the pre-installation requirements outlined above.

If needed, please contact Frontdoor Pro, at (888) 826-8073.

Plumber installing a Moen Flo device

*Standard installation is defined as inclusive of up to two hours’ installation by a professional plumber on a ¾”, 1”, 1 ¼” or 1 ½” exposed and accessible copper intake pipe inside or outside the home. Parts covered include 2-3 feet copper pipe and 8 pro press fittings. This does not include any needed electrical work, installation or replacement of a new main water shut off valve, hose bib or pressure reducing valves or correction of any other existing plumbing issues. Additionally, installation cannot be done on any piping that is out of code or presents a hazard to the plumber. Any of this required additional plumbing work can be done during installation at the customer’s expense paid directly to the plumber.