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Recall for Battery Backup for Flo Water Monitor

Product Information

Serial Number and the Manufacturing Date Code Images

Upload one or more pictures of the cut cord with the Flo Water Monitor Battery Backup, showing both pieces in the image(s).  Ensure that the device is unplugged before cutting the cord, and that the Serial Number and Manufacturing Date Code are readable in the image(s).

Maximum file size 5MB
Maximum file size 5MB

I hereby verify that the information I have provided is correct, and that I have complied with all requirements of the above-referenced recall for seeking a refund for my Flo Water Monitor Battery Backup ("Battery Backup"), including the disposal of my Battery Backup in accordance with local laws for the disposal of lithium-ion batteries. 

By accepting a refund for my Flo Water Monitor Battery Backup ("Battery Backup") pursuant to the above-referenced recall, I fully and irrevocably release and discharge Moen Inc. and its affiliates, agents, divisions, parents, and subsidiaries, of and from any and all claims, damages, duties, or liabilities of any kind which I now have or may hereafter have arising out of or related to the Battery Backup, including but not limited to any claims for economic loss, property damage, or personal injury.

Flo Battery Backup Recall

Flo Smart Water Monitor & Shutoff Battery Backup Kit - Model 920-001