Tips for Making Your House a Home

Top To-Do's for the First-Time Millennial Homeowner

You bought your first home, congrats! Now the real fun begins – like upgrading to cool kitchen fixtures and incorporating modern farmhouse décor in Every. Single. Room. No matter what your #HomeGoals may be, here are some tips to ensure your new place feels like the home of a bona fide adult.

Tip 1: Set your priorities and your budget

Once you sign the papers and close the deal, your first instinct will be to find the nearest home goods store. But before you fill that shopping cart, make sure you have a budget and priorities list in place.

Start by identifying which rooms need work. Instead of taking on everything at once, pace yourself by determining how necessary each renovation is; identifying which existing elements can be salvaged or re-purposed; and starting with the most frequently used rooms first.

From there, decide on a budget. How much are you willing to spend in total, divided by the amount of rooms that need a lift? If you can’t tackle everything, make a timeline beginning with the highest priority first, then make a plan to save up for the rest of the renovations.

Oil rubbed bronze tub filler faucet in bathroom

Tip 2: Put the right safeguards in place

Safety and preparation are just as important as style when it comes to sprucing up your new home – especially when you no longer have a landlord to make household repairs.

First, get a handle on your home’s water system by installing a smart home water monitoring and leak detection system like The Smart Water Network Products. The device uses AI to differentiate normal water use from abnormal use to help detect water leaks and other vulnerabilities, then notifies you of any potential issues with an alert on your smartphone, giving you the power to turn the water on and off in the palm of your hand.

Next, make sure you have smoke alarms in place and properly working. Go for a smoke detector that offers protection from two hazards – fire and carbon monoxide – in one unit.

For added security, install a smart video security camera – both indoors and out – for 24/7 surveillance of your property. Look for one that features motion alerts, a built-in speaker and microphone, and night vision capabilities.

Flo Water Security System for the home

Tip 3: Identify and implement your design style

Creating a cohesive style throughout your house doesn’t have to be challenging. Whether you lean towards modern, traditional or industrial chic, hone in on your tastes by creating a Pinterest mood board, then finding the common theme among the pins you’ve saved. Or, go old school and clip pages from your favorite home décor magazines. Use these as an inspiration point when selecting your home’s décor.
Design a traditional kitchen with the Weymouth brushed gold kitchen sink faucet

Tip 4: Use complementary color palettes

Once you’ve found your vibe, bring it to life (and keep things cohesive) by using complementary color palettes and finishes throughout your home. Love the look of gold accents? Choose a new kitchen faucet, like the Weymouth kitchen faucet in Moen’s Brushed Gold finish, as the showpiece for your kitchen, then use touches of the color to accessorize other areas. Opting for big bold colors? Go wild by painting your living room in a colorful shade of Kelly green, then use the hue in pillows, rugs or artwork elsewhere to continue the theme. If luxe style is your thing, consider a freestanding tub and enjoy a spa-like experience each time you step in your bathroom. Whatever your design style, Moen offers a variety of tub fillers in on-trend finishes, like the Voss collection from Moen, which is sure to create a focal point in the space.

By keeping an eye on style, safety and budget, it’s easy to turn your first house into a home you’ll love for years to come.   

Design a modern bathroom with the Voss collection from Moen
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