Feel Better Fast: Five Ways to Instantly Perk Up Your Mood

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, stress finds its way into your life. Thankfully, there are things you can do to shake any bad feelings fast. Try these five surefire tips to improve your mindset instantaneously.

1. Put a Song in Your Head – Regardless of genre preference, music has a way of lifting spirits. Make a playlist of upbeat songs to brighten the day or listen to a mood boosting station on your favorite audio streaming platform. When anxiety sets in, just let the music play. You’ll be singing a new tune in no time and your positive energy may even lighten up the people around you!

2. Just Say “Om” – Much like fitness trains your body; meditation trains your mind. With regular practice, it’s been shown to create a sense of emotional balance and decrease stress. Don’t know how? Try attending yoga classes or download Headspace, an app that teaches you how to find calmness and balance in your busy life.

Woman stretches in front of Moen kitchen sink faucet

3. Try Water for Wellness – Water has a way of inviting relaxation, so start your day with a warm, steamy shower. You can easily turn the bathroom into a personal spa by upgrading your showerhead to Moen’s Hydro Energetix™ showerhead, which offers 40 percent more force* and 40 percent more coverage* so that you can enjoy a refreshing shower experience. This line of showerheads offers eight high-performance spray settings, three of which feature a unique oval spray pattern to cover the length of the body for better coverage. The customizable spray options are sure to satisfy all of your relaxation needs and help start or end your day in an amazing mood.

* As compared to the minimum EPA WaterSense performance specifications for showerheads and measured in accordance with those specifications.

Install a Moen Hydro Energetix for a stress relieving shower experience

4. Get Outdoors – Grab your sneakers and head out the door. A recent study found that spending as little as five minutes outdoors was linked to a significant mood boost**. And as a bonus, the vitamin D taken in from the sun during your time outdoors will help keep your body balanced.

5. Hit the Gym – If you’re not the outdoorsy type, flip your temperament around at the gym. A workout, or even just a fast-paced 30-minute walk, can stimulate different chemicals in the brain that make you feel happier and more relaxed.

** The Journal of Positive Psychology,

Enjoy a U by Moen Smart Shower Spa in your home

Don’t you feel better already? Take control of those tough days and remember one – or all – of these surefire mood boosters. You’ll be feeling fine in no time!

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