2024 Winter Inspiration Issue

Max Humphrey Home

Winter is a season of fresh beginnings, so as you envision your goals for the year ahead, why not create resolutions for your home? The new year brings new opportunities to set intentions for your home, like ensuring that your personal spaces not only support your lifestyle, but your personality, too. Before starting your design journey, vision board or resolutions for 2024, explore the latest issue of Currents to learn how one designer blends form and function in his home by pairing nostalgia with contemporary functionality.




Step Into the Vintage-Inspired World of Max Humphrey

Upon arriving at designer Max Humphrey’s Portland home, you’re immediately struck by nature’s beauty. The distinct ponderosa pines and low-lying cloud cover compel you to explore the outdoors, while the lodge-inspired style of his home invites you to cozy up inside. “I describe my design as Modern Americana,” he said. “I’m inspired by the nostalgia of a rural New England upbringing but through the lens of the Pacific Northwest.” It's clear from the eclectic nature of his home that Max loves to experiment, and his distinct point of view is both practical and full of whimsy.

He balances form and function by incorporating vintage finds, patterned fabrics and tried-and-true materials with contemporary conveniences and vibrant colors. “Most of my ideas come from vintage shopping,” he said, “Not just the stuff I buy, but the people I meet and the adventures along the way.” Although his home is now filled with unique pieces, outdoors-inspired décor and custom designed wallpaper, Max originally described it as a “vanilla drywall box.” Starting with a blank slate, he set out to create a Modern Americana home where heirlooms live alongside updated technology, creating a welcome mix of unique forms and beneficial function, especially in his kitchen.

Max Humphrey on his porch


When redesigning his kitchen, Max took the room down to the studs for a full remodel — something his design clients are all too familiar with. “The tile kicked off the whole kitchen design,” he said. “I saw them at a showroom here in Portland and liked the handmade quality and the fact that the layout was going to be custom and one-of-a-kind.” He paired the whimsical tiles with charming blue cabinets, but perhaps the most significant change to his vintage space was the faucet. “Before, I was skeptical of too much tech in the kitchen but since installing my Smart Faucet I can’t live without it,” Max said. “Some technology seems to add a step, but the Cia is so intuitive, and it just works.” The brushed gold Cia Smart Faucet has a comfortable home amidst old and new elements in his kitchen, pairing perfectly with the gold polka dot tiles and incorporating convenient features Max never knew he needed.

Max Humphrey Kitchen


When redesigning his home, Max didn’t stop in the kitchen. “This probably isn’t my forever home,” Max admitted, “so I wanted the bathroom to be fun but also not so over the top that the next family to buy my house wouldn’t be able to make it their own, too.” When selecting plumbing fixtures for his bath, form and function were key, but adding his Modern Americana touch to the space was also a priority. In a stroke of rustic inspiration, Max chose to install a galvanized stock tank and a Colinet tub filler in place of a traditional tub.

“I’ve seen stock tank tubs in magazines and always thought it was cool,” he said. “Reminds me of the farms around my house near where I grew up.” He also mixed-and-matched collections in his bath, selecting the industrial forms of the Greenfield collection for his faucet and accessories. “I like that the Greenfield is clean lined but still traditional in shape,” he said, “and the brushed gold finish is on-trend right now but also nods to the past.” As a playful and whimsical designer, Max doesn’t let the décor of his home stay the same for long. “By the time you’re seeing these photos I will have repainted every room and completely redecorated,” he said. “It’s a revolving door of design around here.” Something he hopes other homeowners take to heart.

Max Humphrey's Bathroom

A Supportive Home with Model Haleigh Rosa

While on-set for a Moen product shoot, we caught up with model Haleigh Rosa about how she achieves a home that balances both her style preferences and functional needs.

Form and Function

“Form and function are extremely important to me. As someone who uses a wheelchair, design, style and convenience must truly work together to create my perfect home. Where I’m currently living, I’ve had to remove a bathroom cabinet so that I am able to roll under the sink; in this case, form and function don’t exactly work the way I’d like. While I’m able to roll under the sink, I’ve also lost valuable storage space. My dream bathroom layout would include a ton of easily reachable storage, sinks that I can roll under, and of course a shower that is accessible! I strongly believe a home can be adapted to meet my lifestyle needs while still having a great design.”

Kitchen Conveniences

“Height is something that’s very important in the kitchen. It may be the center island or the standard sink area, but if it’s too high the kitchen isn’t functional. I also love a simple Smart Faucet. The Moen Smart Faucet sticks out as a favorite of mine right now. It’s very easy to use and definitely helps to keep the kitchen mess-free.”

Haleigh Rosa in her kitchen

Whether your style is warm and nostalgic, or bold and contemporary, you can find all the inspiration you need to transform your space in the new year in Currents.