2024 Summer Inspiration Issue

2024 Summer Inspiration Issue

If you’re a homeowner, you’ve likely entertained the idea of a renovation at some point. Whether it’s an outdated bathroom or an inefficient kitchen layout, the desire to start fresh can be compelling. However, as anyone who has undergone a renovation will attest, it’s not for the faint of heart. When it comes to remodeling, we often say it gets worse before it gets better — but the end results make it worth it.

In our summer issue of Currents, we tackle the tough truths about renovations and share important tips and tricks from home reno experts for your next project.




Renovation Refresh

Almost a decade ago, designer and Dane Street Studio founder Amanda Fort began the journey of designing her family’s Cleveland home. After a long and thorough search, Amanda and her husband found the perfect listing with plenty of old-home charm. Drawn to the large windows and rooms — and the fact that it needed work — Amanda felt it was the perfect blank slate. But renovating an old home means retaining moments of classic details while making way for modern lifestyles to flourish, and finding the right balance is key. We spent time with Amanda in her finished home while she shared the invaluable tips and tricks she learned along the renovation path.

Staying true to the classic, timeless elements of the space, she viewed the home through the eyes of an architect. “My personal design aesthetic is eclectic but with a solid respect for the past, what was built originally and then drawing inspiration from the past to bring a home into its future,” Amanda said. While retaining the original wood flooring, banisters and wainscoting to honor the home’s character, Amanda strategically updated other areas to withstand the daily demands of her active family of five. She even reworked the floor plan to add another 80 square feet to the kitchen for additional storage and counter space.

She was also intent on finding faucets that would incorporate the design style she’d thoughtfully curated throughout her home. For the kitchen, she selected the traditional, industrial lines of the matte black Paterson faucet, which, “ seamlessly rises out of the countertop and then stands out against the light backsplash.” In the powder room, she wanted the fixtures to have simple lines and be easy to use for guests and her kids, which made the chrome Cia single-handle faucet an easy choice. “I love combining styles too,” Amanda said, “so we went classic with the floor material (slate), bold with the wallpaper — a sort of modern take on a traditional pattern — and then very modern with the simple, clean lines of the fixture.”

There’s no denying that the results of Amanda’s renovation are stunning, but she did experience her fair share of challenges along the way. “Renovations are expensive, especially in older homes,” she said. “Live in your home for a hot second before ripping everything out. Homes are built with rooms that are labeled to provide certain functions, but that doesn’t mean anything. Live in the house, let your habits and routines unfold, and then invite a designer in to share your findings with them.”

Moen Renovation Guidebook

Even if you’re a skilled DIY enthusiast, there are times when professional advice can be invaluable. We turned to our esteemed Moen Designer Council and Pro Advisory Council to get recommendations and expert insights for those undertaking a kitchen or bathroom remodel.

Amiano & Son, Design-Build

Sophia Amiano

Keep an open mind

Frequently, when I meet with clients to begin renovations, they are so fixated on something they saw on HGTV, in a magazine, or done by a friend that they are unwilling to consider other possibilities. A designer can curate a personalized space that is not only on-trend but tailored to your unique preferences. I recommend keeping an open mind to your designer’s advice — they will be able to recommend what works best within your space.

Enjoy the process

Remodeling your house might be a big project. The most enjoyable way to approach it: immerse yourself! It’s a special thing to be able to dive deeply into the elements of your house and redesign them to your taste. Once everything is put together, you’ll have the most exquisitely designed spaces that you will flourish in for many years to come.

Voss Wallmount Bathroom Faucet
NKBA, ASID Interior Designer/Owner Blossom Spaces

Hong Anh Sievert

Embrace Boldness

Don’t be afraid to go bold. Infuse your bathroom with a “wow” factor! Use bold colors and statement pieces. Alternatively, aim for a harmonious feel by blending different elements that complement each other. Transform your space into an inviting and peaceful area every time you step in.

Enjoy the Process

Have fun! Take plenty of photos before, during and afterwards to share with your friends and family. Collaborating with skilled professionals can turn your renovation into a rewarding and enjoyable experience — you may even miss their presence once the project is completed. Don’t hesitate to reach out to them again for your next project.

AC Plumbing, Heating & Mechanical

Mike Caruso

What are the biggest plumbing mistakes homeowners make when embarking on a kitchen or bathroom renovation?

If a homeowner is taking on a renovation without hiring a professional, it can often lead to a more costly project on the back end. I think one of the biggest mistakes made when it comes to a DIY remodel is taking on more than you can handle. A remodel is not like what you see on TV. Research and preparedness are paramount, and it’s important to do things right the first time around. Another mistake is not requiring your contractors to pull a permit and have the work inspected. A professional contractor should never talk a homeowner out of pulling a permit. Sure, it’s an added cost to the job — but that added cost can save you a lot on the back end. The building department is the homeowner’s advocate, and they are looking out for the current (and future) homeowners’ best interest. If there is any question about whether or not the work you’re doing requires a permit, call your local building official and ask.

Is there anything from your experience that you think every homeowner should consider when doing a kitchen or bathroom renovation?

An under-the-sink hot water circulation line is an item I commonly recommend to all clients during remodels. Without a hot water circulator, the wait time to displace cold water with hot water can be upwards of 2 minutes. Over the course of a lifetime, we as individuals are wasting thousands of gallons of water simply because it’s not at our desired temperature. A hot water circulation line delivers hot water faster which greatly reduces wasted water over time.


Jamal Btiebet

Is there anything you want homeowners to know about working with a plumber during a renovation?

Know all your options! From a bare-minimum repair to a complete re-pipe all the way to the basement, we want our clients to be comfortable knowing they made the right decision for their budget.

Can I replace my shower without renovating?

We install new showers without complete renovations all the time, assuming the size of the shower being replaced is the same as the new shower. Most times, there will be minor wall repair around the outside of the shower along with minor floor repair.

Moen's Voss Shower

Whether you’re in the middle of a renovation project or considering starting one in the future, find all the inspiration and tips you need for a successful remodel in Currents.

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