2024 Spring Inspiration Issue

Currents Spring 2024 Dinning Room

When it comes to interior design, there’s no “right” way to approach it — there’s only what’s right for you. Identifying and owning your signature style is about finding what speaks to you and confidently weaving it throughout your space for a unique aesthetic. And when you pair the nuances of your personal style with a classic finish, pattern or shape, you’ll create a timeless result that’s all your own. However you describe your personal style, the spring issue of Currents is meant to inspire you along your journey of finding it.

English Refinement in Austin

For our spring inspiration issue, we met with interior designer Anastasia Casey who effortlessly described her design style as, “English refinement meets Texas grit.” Originally from the San Francisco Bay area, Anastasia has established numerous ventures that cater to design experts, including a podcast and website called The Interior Collective, which showcase home tours from around the world.

Anastasia’s innate appreciation for antiques and self-styling, Anastasia had a clear vision when she purchased her Tudor-influenced home in Austin, Texas. “I absolutely wanted a historic home, but there are few within our budget here in Austin,” Anastasia said. “This home had Tudor influence in the exterior architecture, and it was my passion project to add character back into this 1980s Tudor to feel more historic.” But creating a house with a historic feel was no easy task. By harnessing natural light, color and vintage furniture to create depth and moods in each room, she transformed the original monochromatic color palette into an English-inspired retreat full of character.


One particularly warm and welcoming room is her kitchen. “The moment I walked into this kitchen I knew exactly what it should look like…I wanted there to be a focal pantry wall on the far side, so there is always somewhere for your eye to focus as you look at the kitchen from the adjacent spaces.” The brushed gold Weymouth spring faucet is another focal point in the heart of her home with Victorian details that enhance the traditional English elegance of her space. Anastasia also features a checkered pattern throughout her home decor, including checkerboard tiles that carry through from the kitchen to the courtyard. “Checkerboard is definitely having a moment in design right now,” she said, “but I actually think my love for it goes back to my childhood love of Alice in Wonderland. It’s whimsical yet entirely classic. It’s an element from English design I knew I could recreate here in Austin.”

Weymouth Brushed Gold Spring Faucet


Anastasia carried the checkerboard theme into the powder room with a unique wallpaper made from woven shell and paper. “The powder room is a tiny space, so we treated it like a jewel box,” she said, and “plumbing fixtures are the quickest way to make a space feel layered and elevated beyond a basic build.” The brushed gold Colinet faucet enhances the traditional feel with classic cross handles and architectural details that add a layer of complexity to the design.

The checkerboard pattern is also featured in the primary bathroom where she artfully balances modern elements, like the Cia two-handle faucets and shower, with more traditional details. “In our bathroom, I wanted to repeat the checkerboard limestone floors we ran in the kitchen, but we installed it squared off instead of on a diamond angle,” Anastasia said. She also made important design decisions to improve the flow of the space, like selecting dual vanities to help reduce clutter and running the checkerboard tile all the way into the shower to help the small space feel larger.

Currents Q2 Bathroom

Classic Checkerboard Design

Although it has enjoyed a recent resurgence, checkerboard patterns have been a statement-making style for thousands of years. Both eclectic and classic, this pattern is widely admired for its adaptability and can live in both minimal and maximal spaces depending on the texture, colors and size. It can easily be scaled up to be a focal point or the defining character of your room with high-contrast floor tiles or scaled down to be a subtle pop of pattern. From subtle tonal variations to bright colors and striking neutrals, checkerboard delivers playfulness with a nod to both history and modern-day relevance.

Ramat Wiley cooking in kitchen

Vintage-Inspired Versatility

The checkerboard pattern isn’t the only versatile design feature you can add to your home. The Weymouth bathroom collection has a distinctive antique style that seamlessly melds with a variety of design styles. Discover how this one faucet enhances the design of two bathrooms with vastly different interior design styles.

Japandi Style

In this Japandi bath, the porcelain details of the Weymouth wall mount faucet add a soft, feminine touch to the more masculine details in the space. With graceful curves and a brushed gold finish, this elegant faucet pairs seamlessly with the earthy marble, amber and matte black tones in the room.

Japandi Style Bathroom

Retro Revival Style

In this modern Retro Revival bathroom, personality in design prevails over following the rules. The Weymouth collection proves its versatility by bringing depth and classic character to this bold and vibrant bath. When juxtaposed with contrasting styles, traditional design details make a refined statement and help create harmony within this bold, multi-layered environment.

Weymouth Lavatory Faucets

Whether your personal style is well-defined or a work in progress, you can find all the inspiration you need to express your unique design style in Currents.

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