How to Create a Modern Bathroom in a Single Weekend

If you're a first-time homeowner, you might think that you're stuck with the bathroom you bought. All your money went into paying for the house, right? Well, think again. Bathroom accessories can help you create a modern bathroom in a single weekend. Here is some inspiration for getting the job done.

Color Does Wonders

Modern bathrooms have fun with color. A can or two of paint can help you spruce up the overall look and feel of your bathroom once you've installed some modern fixtures. Looking for simple paint color combinations? Paint pros like Sherwin Williams and Behr have gorgeous bathroom design galleries to get your creative juices flowing. Most varieties of interior paint dry in a few hours and many paint companies even have one-coat paints, making your modern bathroom refresh even more efficient.
Color Does Wonders

Fixtures Make All the Difference

If those 1970s faucets and showerhead aren't doing it for you, no need to fret. You can replace both with the stylish bathroom fixtures you admire, giving your new bathroom an instant face lift.

While you might seem tricky to change out a faucet or showerhead, it's easier than you might think and only involves a few tools. Let's have a look at all your-new-and-improved fixture options that are totally DIY-friendly:

Fixtures Make All the Difference

The Sleek Look of Chrome

If you want a bathroom that's shiny and new, you can't go wrong with chrome fixtures. They glisten and brighten up your bathroom. For shallow sinks, consider a stylish yet simple low arc one-handle chrome faucet. This one-handle high arc faucet can give you that sleek hotel look if you prefer a deep, vessel-style sinks.

For your shower, you could opt for a chrome waterfall-style showerhead for that modern spa appearance and experience. You'll love the luxury of a drenching shower to start or end your day. There are even non-traditional square chrome showerhead shapes to choose from. Then there's the chrome multi-function showerhead with various water spray patterns if you like the flexibility of switching up the flow, not to mention a magnetic dock that makes it simple to grab or stow—even with soap in your eyes.

The sleek look of chrome sink faucets and accessories

The Understated Elegance of Brushed Nickel

If shiny fixtures aren't your taste, brushed nickel fixtures deliver a modern, understated impression. For your sink, you can explore low-profile, two-handle options if you like the separate control over hot and cold water—and they're perfect for shallow sinks. For deeper sinks, you can choose a high-arc faucet that still gives you the same two-handled water temperature control while serving up a bit of sweeping elegance.

Brushed nickel in the shower continues the theme. As with chrome, you can opt for a rainshower-style brushed nickel showerhead with water-saving technology built-in. You can also choose a lower profile, multi-function showerhead for full control of spray patterns.

Install a brushed nickel faucet in your bathroom

Adding Accessories

Now that your showerhead and faucet are installed, why not brighten up your bathroom with some modern accessories? Simple switch-outs for towel bars and toilet paper holders can go a long way to modernizing your bathroom on a budget.

Try a double robe hook in brushed chrome to add modern, open storage for draping a towel, robe, or even your post-workout clothes. Consider a stylish drawer pull to round-out your look, instantly giving a facelift to your bathroom cabinets. Brushed nickel and chrome options abound. See which style fits your new modern bath suite.

Want an easy, breezy way to update your spa retreat bath? Moen's Press & Mark™ system makes installing accessories like towel bars, robe hooks and toilet paper holders simple. The three-step installation process means you can spend more time enjoying your new bathroom than renovating it. The Darcy Press & Mark™ collection is perfect if you chose a faucet and showerhead with sweeping lines. If you chose a more angular faucet and showerhead, check out the Hensley Press & Mark™ collection.

Install accessories to improve the design of your bathroom

Now, you've transformed your bathroom yourself, with no pros required. Enjoy your new bath retreat and never forget—DIY is always an option for turning your house into a home.

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