Five Star Luxuries for Your Bath

Staying at a five-star luxury hotel can quickly introduce you to the finer things in life. But the vacation doesn't have to end once you're back at home, if you add some of these luxuries to your bath.

Luxurious Showerheads

Many hotels have great water pressure and specialty showerheads, but that doesn't mean you can't find one similar for your bath. Some of the most popular showerheads are the oversized, rainshower showerheads. These typically have a large spray face and produce a gentle spray, enveloping you in soothing water.

At home, you may want more settings to suit your showering moods. Moen offers the Enliven three-setting showerhead – in both a fixed and handheld model. Enliven offers distinct spray settings – "Relaxing" wide spray, "Invigorating" concentrated spray and "Refreshing" combination spray. The superior technology features a spiral-patterned spray face for full coverage that envelops you in invigorating water sprays, all in the comfort of your own bath.

For a truly excellent shower experience install a rainshower showerhead

Plush Cotton Towels

Even washing your face can become an experience when you use an Egyptian cotton washcloth. The towels at most hotels envelop you in comfort, thanks to their high thread counts. High-end department stores are a great place to start looking if you'd like to add these to your bath.
Plush Cotton Towels

Curved Shower Rod

Ever wonder why your hotel shower seems so much roomier? Chances are it had a curved shower rod. These unique rods provide six additional inches of space in the shower - enough room for you to stretch out and relax. Moen has introduced several versions of these curved shower rods with decorative or low-profile, contemporary hardware. They come in popular finishes like Old World BronzeChrome and Brushed Nickel to tie-in with your current bath décor. Best of all, these curved shower rods fit existing showers and shower curtains, so you won't have to tear anything out or buy a new curtain.

Install a curved shower rod for a truly unique look
Heated Towel Bar

Heated Towel Bar

Enjoy the luxury of 'fresh out of the dryer' towels every time you shower with a heated towel bar. No longer found only in hotel rooms and spas, there are a range of models to suit any budget. Many of them cost less than an average light bulb to operate, and are an easy enhancement for any bath.
Lotions Soaps and Powders

Lotions, Soaps and Powders

Pamper yourself with specialty lotions, soaps and powders. There are hundreds to choose from with a range of scents to soothe your senses. Give yourself a few extra minutes and slather on creamy lotions that make your skin glow and smell heavenly.

Once you've enhanced your bath with some of these luxuries, you may find yourself taking a vacation in your own home.

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