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Avoid These Top 5 Common Mistakes When Planning Your Bath Remodel

As much as you love your unique vision, you may discover that certain aspects of your bathroom design are just not practical. Avoid these common bathroom design mistakes.

Wrenching When Reaching

There's always the unpleasant possibility that your plumbing may spring a leak someday. If this happens, you'll want easy access to the pipes to make repairs. Just imagine how dreadful it would be—not to mention costly—to have to rip up your floor or tiling. Make certain your pipes are positioned in a way that they will be easy to reach in the future.

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Forgetting the Open-Door Policy

When you are designing your bathroom layout, consider the motion of all the doors. The main door to your bathroom—and even the cabinet doors—should be able to open all the way. If your bathroom is small, this can be quite a challenge. One good option to consider is a door that slides open and closed, or even just a door that opens outwards.

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Not the Best Seat in the House

Yes, sometimes people accidentally walk in on the bathroom when it is occupied. To avoid any unnecessary embarrassment, try to ensure the toilet is screened from immediate view in some way. In addition to using the edge of the cabinet or vanity as a block, you can add a simple wooden screen or semi-translucent panel of etched glass to do the trick.

Your Biggest Fan

Ventilation is extremely important to consider when you are remodeling or finishing a bathroom. Good air circulation will keep humidity down and prevent the likeliness of mold growing. It's so important, in fact, that many states have building codes that require the installation of a ventilation fan that circulates a certain amount of air per minute.

Template? What Template?

When it comes time to install a new faucet, you may need to cut a hole to fit the new dimensions. Moen faucets include a template for you to follow—it practically guarantees accurate placement. If you decide not to use the template or the spec sheet that comes with the faucet, you run the serious risk of having an off-center faucet. And if you've drilled a hole through your counter, it won't be easy to cover any mistakes.

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