5 Things You Didn't Realize Your Bathroom Remodel Needs

There's no denying the master bathroom needs a makeover. The peeling wallpaper, mismatched fixtures and outdated laminate flooring have got to go. After clearing out the obvious worn out features and off-trend offenders, why not personalize the space? Use these five ideas to create a truly indulgent, relaxing bathroom with a modern style.

Bath Lights

Basic, overhead lighting can feel stark and too bright. Create a warm ambiance in the bathroom by installing wall-mounted bath lights. These accessory fixtures angle the light down, so bare bulbs never become an eye sore. Plus, glass covers diffuse the light, creating a serene, gently-lit environment. Try angular, square bath lights to create a stylish look for your bathroom remodel.
Bath Lights

Folding Shower Seat

Make showering in the remodeled bathroom a relaxing experience by installing a folding, wall-mounted shower chair. This feature makes leg shaving simpler, is a welcomed addition during pregnancy and works as a safety device for people with balance concerns. Choose modern teak wood, not plastic, to make the seat coordinate with the updated modern space.

Room Heat Control

Never get the chills when stepping out of the shower again. A bathroom-specific thermostat with heat controls ensures warmth both in the shower and when toweling off. Forget the hassle or safety concerns of using a space heater or changing the main thermostat and making the entire home too warm. Then, go a notch above. If replacing the flooring during the bathroom remodel, check into heated tiles to keep bare feet comfortable and warming towel/robe racks for that resort-touch at home.

Wall-Mounted Sink Faucets

Discover extra space in small bathrooms by moving the sink fixtures. Faucets mounted to the wall instantly create more usable countertop space or room for a larger sink basin while creating a fresh, stylish look to the bathroom. High faucet mounts also keep toddlers from playing in the water without adult supervision. Win bonus DIY design compliments from visitors if the new sink fixtures match a wall-mounted tub faucet set. Gorgeous!
Bathroom Remodel Wallmounted Sink Faucets
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