Essential oils have long been used for relaxation and infusing wonderful fragrances into our homes, but did you know they’re also a powerful tool you can incorporate into your wellness routine? The soothing scents and natural properties of essential oils can help relieve some of your everyday aches and pains and even improve your mood. Explore how to infuse essential oils into your everyday life.

Calm Your Allergies

Pollen, pollution and pet dander are just some of the irritants that affect millions of people’s allergies every year. And with the start of seasonal allergies each spring, it can be difficult to find relief for your runny or stuffy nose, itchy eyes and sneezing.

Essential oils are a natural remedy that help soothe allergies and the inflammation that they cause. Lavender essential oils have decongestant benefits that help calm your respiratory tract, while other oils, like eucalyptus and lemon, have anti-inflammatory properties to reduce the impact of allergens in your home.

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Soothe Headaches

Whether you have a headache caused by stress, bright screens, or fatigue, essential oils can help soothe away your headache. The natural properties of rosemary, eucalyptus and lavender essential oils are effective at relaxing and relieving the tension that sometimes causes headaches.

Adding an INLY™ Aromatherapy Capsule to a nice warm shower with your Moen Aromatherapy Showerhead can infuse the water and vapors with comforting essential oils to help wash away your headache. INLY is a brand of the SKINJAY Group, a leading innovative company in the wellness industry in Europe with over 300 luxury hotel clients. As a leader in shower aromatherapy, INLY patented technology diffuses essential oils directly into the shower water to create an experience of well-being. The Zen Time™ Capsules are especially comforting with lavender and vanilla essential oils known to maximize relaxation.

Sore Muscles

Relax Sore Muscles

Let’s face it, we’ve all dealt with everyday aches and pains, soreness from workouts and discomfort from over exertion, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer throughout your day. A simple hot shower can relieve your muscle tension and tightness, while essential oils can help relax your muscles even further. With the Moen Aromatherapy Shower, the warm water dilates your pores, allowing you to enjoy the various benefits of essential oils both on your body and through inhalation. Tea tree and lavender oils, like those found in our Zen Time™ capsules, have anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties, and you can even gently massage pain points while your shower capsule diffuses to further alleviate tightness and stiffness in your muscles.

Reinvigorate and Reenergize

If you’re feeling tired or need a surge of energy, the scents of essential oils can help give you a boost. Our Energetic Morning™ capsules recreate the scent of hiking through a lush pine forest with lemon, Scots pine and cistus essential oils. These fresh invigorating scents can give you a boost first thing in the morning and help you start your day with your batteries fully charged.

And if mornings aren’t your thing, you can ease into your day with the fresh, fruity scents of red berries, geranium and vanilla in our Sweet Morning™ capsules.

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Wash Away Your Stress

When it comes to recovering from a long, stressful day, nothing feels better than a rejuvenating warm shower, and adding essential oils can help maximize your relief and relaxation.

“Scents play a powerful role in our mental state and impact our emotional well-being, from relaxation to reinvigoration,” said master perfumer, Jean-Charles Sommerard, the curator of the essential oils used to create INLY™ fragrance capsules.

“Each of these fragrances have been specially composed to provide specific sensory experiences,” said Sommerard. With Tropical Day™ you can escape to a serene island paradise with essential oils of lemongrass, neroli and vanilla, or you can use a Zen Time™ capsule to take a deep breath and enjoy a few minutes of tranquility with lavender, vanilla and tea tree essential oils.

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*INLY Capsules are intended to be diluted with water and should not be directly applied to the skin or ingested. Dispense only using INLY compatible showering devices; then rinse and shower as normal. Do not use on mucous membranes and malar area (below the eyes). For external use only. Keep out of eyes. Flammable. Keep away from children and pets. Do not use on children under three years of age. Product not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women. If pregnant, nursing, taking medications or allergic to ingredients, consult your doctor before use.