Our Eco-Performance Products

Save Water Seamlessly

At Moen, we believe that every drop of water matters. See how you can save water effortlessly, reduce your water bill, and enjoy water even more with our Eco-Performance and water-efficient products.

Every Drop Matters

Green & sustainability are not just words in our everyday vocabulary.

At Moen, they're all a call to action.


Our Impact

We realize everything we do has a dramatic impact on future generations and must not be taken lightly. By working together -- making energy saving improvements along with incorporating sustainable practices into our everyday lives, we'll not only save on energy costs, but also have a healthier place to live.
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Our Commitment

At Moen, we're committed to designing and producing water-efficient products, without sacrificing performance, which will make a big impact on the environment. We know that every drop matters and the importance of both water conservation and waste reduction. We will continue to raise the bar in this global initiative and further our commitment to preserving our environment.

Milestones in Eco-Performance

All Moen bathroom faucets are certified to meet the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) WaterSense criteria, using up to 32% less water while maintaining the same great performance you expect from Moen.

Moen's waste reduction and recycling initiatives include:

82% Recycled Waste

Recycling nearly 82% of waste from the manufacturing process, and recycling almost 20% of all water used.

74% Raw Materials

More than 74% of moen's production (in dollar terms) was made from raw materials that included some amount of recycled material.

13 Million LBS of Metal Recycled

Recycling more than 13 million pounds of metal, 6.5 million pounds of cardboard and 3.8 million pounds of solid waste.

100% Recycled Paper

Converting office practices to include only recycled paper and soy-based inks for copies.

Faucets Manufactured

Conservation Recycling

Moen recycles more than 90% of all metal, scrap, return product and manufacturing by-product (oils and solvents). In addition, all glass, toner and printer cartridges, cardboard, plastic bottles and aluminum cans are recycled in our facilities.

Water Usage

Moen reduces water consumption by reusing 70% of all water used in product testing. We've also installed water filtration systems in all of our facilities to reduce plastic bottle consumption and waste.

Paper & Packaging

We have more than 7 million pounds of cardboard, more than 16 million pounds of metal and more than 4 million pounds of solid waste. Our packaging uses water-based inks and is made of recyclable materials. Even doing these little things - like setting our printers to default to 2-sided printing - has significantly lowered our paper use.