Alexa is responding with an error message

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Here are some common Alexa error messages, what caused the error and how to avoid the issue in the future:

  • Alexa response: "Hmm, I'm not sure" or "I don't know that one." or you hear a double beep.
    • Reason: the shower hasn't been connected to Alexa yet.
    • Solution: Clearly speak the command during the voice command and make sure the U by Moen skill is enabled in your Alexa app and synced to your U by Moen account
  • Alexa response: "I couldn’t find my shower." or "I couldn't find (          )."
    • Reason: There may be conflicts with other devices or skills.
    • Solution: Make sure to use the name of the shower device in the Alexa app.
  • Alexa response: "You must connect your U by Moen account to use this skill. Please use the Alexa app to link your U by Moen account."
    • Reason: U by Moen skill has not been enabled and connected to the users U by Moen account
    • Solution: Enable the U by Moen skill within the Alexa app and connect the U by Moen account to the Alexa account
  • Alexa response: "I don’t know how to set guest bath to that setting."
    • Reason: The temperature requested may exceed the maximum temperature limit.
    • Solution: Select a temperature below the "Maximum Temperature Setting" when activating your shower with Alexa
    • Reason: The preset name was not recognized.
    • Solution: Make sure to give presets simple, unique names using common words, and say the preset name clearly and exactly as it is in your U by Moen app. Then, when activating your shower, say, “Alexa, set (name of shower) to the (preset name) mode.
  • Assure your Alexa device is well positioned for optimal interaction: place it at least eight inches from any walls and windows; assure there's no echo or reverb in the room. Additional device help and support can be found at