My preset won't start with the Alexa voice command

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Some things to consider to be able to start your preset with Alexa:

  • Make sure you are using one of the following phrases to start your preset:
    • "Alexa, start Master Bath with the (          ) preset"
    • “Alexa, start my Master Bath in (______) mode”
    • “Alexa, set my Master Bath to the (______) preset”
    • "Alexa, begin my Master Bath with preset (          )"
    • "Alexa, turn on my Master Bath with preset (          )"
  • For best results:
    • Include the name of your shower
    • Enunciate and speak each word clearly
    • Use common words like "Morning", "Workout", "Weekend", "Work" or "Kids" over more unique words or proper names
    • Don't use the same word in multiple presets. For example, don't use "Shower" at the end of each preset name.