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Moen Survey Reveals Homeowners Place High Importance on Sustainability in Lawn Care

Research Identifies Homeowners’ Top Concerns and Current Practices in Lawn Care

North Olmsted, Ohio… U.S. homeowners all have unique approaches to lawn care. However, their top priorities remain consistent — sustainability and saving water.

A recent survey from Moen*, the number one consumer faucet brand in North America, examines the differences and struggles people face in their lawn care and gardening routines and reveals how sustainability remains at the top of people's minds when using water.

Watering Habits and Sustainability

According to the Moen survey, an overwhelming 74% of Americans tend to their lawns, transforming these spaces into focal points of personal care and expression. Grass-filled yards come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing remains true – they need water to survive.

Unsurprisingly, watering the grass can significantly impact home water consumption; 65% of Americans are concerned about sustainability when taking care of their lawns, including how much water they use when turning on the sprinklers or using the hose. Ultimately, the goal is to minimize waste and environmental impact while ensuring a lush lawn.

Americans water their grass in various ways—manually with a garden hose (33%), using a sprinkler with a manual controller (25%), and some not watering the lawn at all (26%).

Over half of Americans who have grass lawns have manual watering habits using controllers and garden hoses, so users run the risk of overwatering or underwatering. Homeowners actively using a manual controller specifically encounter the issue of being unable to adjust their schedules in real time without considering significant factors such as local weather, seasonal shifts, or changes in their soil moisture needs.

Managing Outdoor Upkeep Struggles

Outdoor maintenance can be challenging for homeowners. The survey found many Americans (21%) struggle to find time for proper upkeep.

An oversaturated or dehydrated lawn can lead to long-term challenges like patchy grass and weed growth. Accurately watering the lawn is essential to ensuring that grass receives adequate moisture, promoting strong growth and resilience against stressors such as heat and drought. Additionally, a well-watered lawn enhances curb appeal and creates an inviting outdoor space for relaxation and enjoyment.

Lawns need different amounts of water depending on numerous factors, such as sunlight exposure, slope and soil type. Smart home technology can be valuable in providing the right amount of water for a healthy, green lawn.

Using a smart sprinkler controller makes watering an automated process that requires little effort from homeowners. However, only 15% of U.S. homeowners with lawns take advantage of these smart home devices. According to the EPA**, switching from a traditional sprinkler controller to a smart controller can save users up to 30% in water savings alone. In the U.S., the EPA estimates 9 billion gallons of water are used for outdoor residential purposes each day, mainly driven by residential irrigation. Fifty percent (50%) of that is wasted by over-watering.

“To achieve a perfect lawn, you don’t need to drain the planet’s resources,” says Joy Trillet, product manager, Moen Smart Water Network. “Homeowners can attain the lawn they dream of while saving water by leveraging products such as the Moen Smart Sprinkler Controller to reduce water waste during every watering cycle.”

Incorporating the Moen Smart Sprinkler Controller and Wireless Soil Sensors into the lawn care routine allows the user to efficiently water daily. The Smart Sprinkler Controller works with the Moen Wireless Soil Sensors to monitor soil moisture to prevent overwatering while considering local weather and precipitation patterns. It has capabilities that a manual controller does not, including the ability to control one's system from anywhere at any time through their smartphone, dynamic watering adjustments, custom scheduling, and much more.

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*The Moen 2024 Homeowner Trends Survey was conducted in partnership with Falls & Co. December 28, 2023-January 2, 2024, among 831 U.S. Homeowners aged 18 and up who reported that they had a lawn to take care of and maintain. The survey had a margin of error of +/-3.4%, estimated at a 95% confidence interval.



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