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5 Ways to Design your Space with Personal Expression

People feel their homes reflect their true self, values, hopes and dreams, which resonates with the trends Moen’s design experts continue to see rising.

North Olmsted, Ohio... People feel their homes reflect their true selves, values, hopes and dreams, which resonates with the trends Moen’s design experts continue to see rising.

In the 2023 Moen Design Trends Report, featuring insights curated by Danielle DeBoe Harper, Moen’s senior creative style manager, and Jessica Birchfield, director of industrial design, we examine how the desire to be seen and heard as unique members of society manifests in personal expression in the home.

Adding More Customization

Individuality through design continues to unfold in interesting and playful ways. Moen is seeing brands and designers provide consumers with platforms for heightened creativity; options in home design give homeowners the ability to customize for their personal preferences.

Consumers can use these opportunities for customization to create unique spaces and choose what their environment says about them. For example, in one fixed environment, such as a kitchen counter, you'll find the same walls, shelves, backsplash, countertops and cabinets.

However, with fixtures like the Cia™ kitchen collection, the space comes to life in five different ways with five different personalities – all without changing the room. Users can customize the space with the Cia kitchen collection by choosing a combination of escutcheon finishes and faucet finishes, then add small details and accessories such as vases, photos, plants and more – resulting in entirely different looks.

The idea of functional versatility has become a priority in many households. Aside from accent materials, the demand for convenient and customizable room layouts is increasing.

Homeowners can experience more luxury and customization in bathroom configuration with Moen® wallmount tub fillers. These products feature a simplistic, single-handle design and sleek ultra-thin, 10-inch spout for an enhanced look. This not only offers more design choices for consumers, but more flexible installation while controlling the flow and temperature.

Maximize Style in the Simplest Ways

Maximalism is one of the quintessential approaches to achieving personal expression.

Homeowners can apply its key principles resulting in a space that cannot be replicated.

Bold colors and patterns are used together, along with a combination of contemporary and antique furnishings to create a variety of looks. Pairing a bold checkerboard marble floor tile with an equally bold botanical patterned wallpaper may not be your first instinct for redecorating a kitchen, but the result can be dynamic and complementary.

Minimal maximalism is a new trend on the scene that marries the best of minimalist with the best of maximalist design.

“Unlike a bolder, maximalist approach, to experiment with this new style, try layering elements in the same tones resulting in a more monochromatic scheme,” says DeBoe Harper. “For example, build a room around an ornate historical mantel and neutral linen-colored walls by leveraging the same neutral tones with textural velvet curtains and a modern silhouette boucle sofa to reap the benefits of texture play and era mixing.”

Efficiency Through Modularity

Modular design’s main approach is to divide a design into smaller modules that can be combined to create a complete look. While it’s not a new concept, the way modularity is used in interior design is evolving. For instance, designers and consumers are getting more control over their furniture and are no longer limited to the wood finish and upholstery choice when it comes to selections.

Sofa islands are just one example. Having the versatility to design seating arrangements on a whim provides consumers with enhanced comfortability and customization. They can mix and match styling depending on room layout or even the room activity. Since this décor creates a variety of options for different needs, it gives modular furniture new meaning.

A Chic, New Industrial Revolution

When people think of “industrial” design, they often envision a downtown loft with old, raw materials or original elements indicative of a non-residential use such as a warehouse.

Today, industrial chic is not limited to downtown lofts; the design cues of this style can be adapted into any space.

By focusing on the functionality of material choices like stainless steel – a material which had a heavy presence during Milan’s 2022 Salone del Mobile – and pairing the finish with more traditionally homier elements, it will generate an unexpected aesthetically pleasing result.

“We’ve seen the industrial chic trend maintain its popularity and evolve,” says Birchfield. “There are many interesting ways to keep this on the front of the trend curve for years to come.

Something as simple as selecting a plumbing fixture that is inspired by industrial motifs speaks to the idea that materials should always honestly reflect their function.”

Moen has set out to use these industrial motifs to inspire the transitional Greenfield™ bathroom collection. Its clean, strong horizontal lines create a sophisticated and organized look that fits into styles from modern farmhouse to Mid-Century.

“The Moen design team’s travels to Greenfield Village in Michigan inspired new design concepts from industrial revolution factories and artifacts,” says Birchfield. “The functional details on industrial revolution era machines and artifacts, smooth cast metal forms and crisp stepped details became a catalyst in our new Greenfield bathroom collection.”

Retro-Mix Transports Us Back to the 70s and 80s

Retro-Mix is a new influence that Moen has seen becoming more prominent over the last few years. The trend previously drew inspiration from the 1950s and 1960s but has shifted further into the 1970s and 1980s eras. This is a time where design became increasingly playful, cheeky and expressive – reflecting the spirit of those decades.

“The resurgence of more influence from the 1970s and 1980s is due to being viewed as a comforting and nostalgic nod to a past where life was less serious and more carefree,” says Birchfield. “Within the retro-mix trend, we see forms that are featuring low and wide proportions, generous curves and asymmetrical compositions.”

While neutrals play a role within this trend – particularly browns – bold colors are the true hallmark of this style. Indicative of the 1970s era, citrus tones had a heavy hand in 2022, but Moen experts expect to see cobalt blue as a standout in many color palettes. These bold tones can be assimilated into muted environments to create striking aesthetics.

Carefully customizing each room to your unique style creates a sanctuary for everyone that lives in the space. By embodying the lifestyles and habits of everyday living into each room, homeowners can choose what their environment says about them which improves mental and
physical wellbeing.

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