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Holistic Wellness in Interior Design and How It’s Influencing 2023 and Beyond

The wellness trend, which was becoming a massive macro trend prior to the global COVID-19 pandemic, was only further exacerbated by it, and has ensured the trend’s role as a primary filter for design.

North Olmsted, Ohio... The wellness trend, which was becoming a massive macro trend prior to the global COVID-19 pandemic, was only further exacerbated by it, and has ensured the trend’s role as a primary filter for design in 2023. Every facet of well-being has been considered by designers these last few years, with considerations for caring for both personal wellness and that of our planet. Moen experts dove into how interior design can help to restore that balance in our lives towards the goal of holistic health in the home to protect our mind, body and planet.

Danielle DeBoe Harper, Moen’s Senior Creative style manager, and Jessica Birchfield, director of industrial design, believe the following design moments will help create a customized space unique to you and your needs at home.

Using Versatile Fixtures for Personal Expression

Your home is your sanctuary –your place to relax and reflect on your true self, values, hopes and dreams. Holistic wellness prioritizes the well-being of the entire person – emotional, physical, mental, etc. – and incorporates design elements that bring forth personal expression, allowing you to create a space centered around you. In an era where social media is more prevalent than ever, private sanctuaries, such as our homes, are often on display – providing a bigger stage and an increased desire to express ourselves.

“From customization and playfulness to more specific micro trends such as industrial chic and retro-mix, homeowners can incorporate elements from their lifestyle and personality into their accessories, color choices, fixtures and more,” says DeBoe Harper.

There are numerous Moen products available that suit any lifestyle and can be used to incorporate a soothing design aesthetic and unique expression into your space – one of them being the new Greenfield™ bathroom suite. The industrial textures and shapes found within assembly line machine shops are incorporated into the styling of Moen’s Greenfield collection.

From cast utilitarian forms, strong lines and balanced proportions to the unique beveled edges and thin, pill-shaped spout and handles, the details found in the collection’s design offer visual cleanness and sophisticated, transitional styling for a chic industrial look or your own unique design to create an expressive sanctuary.

Creating a Peaceful Oasis with Biophilic Design

Over the past year, what was more of a micro trend has exploded into something bigger.

Biophilia is the innate human desire to commune with nature. Biophilic design mixes industrial, minimal and playful elements and is a type of design that encourages, supports and celebrates the desire to be one with nature.

“Homeowners don’t need to see or bring in literal nature to reap biophilic benefits. Instead, focus on bringing in elements inspired by nature,” notes Birchfield. “Take neutral tones in wood and walls, ocean-inspired décor and include more eclectic and surreal design. The ‘earthiness’ in this design style comes through with tones, textures and elements with an organic sensibility."

A great way to bring this trend into the home is by including simple yet stylish fixtures into décor that include natural elements. For example, Moen’s new Tenon™ kitchen faucet collection is influenced by the “Japandi” style, which combines Scandinavian simplified design with Japanese textures and natural elements and brings warmth to the modern kitchen. The spout’s soft, organic shapes and natural wood handle create a calming and comfortable form, while the tall faucet stature makes it a statement piece at the sink.

Incorporate Sustainable Design that Looks and Feels Good

The Industrial Revolution defined the 1700s and 1800s, and then by the mid-1900s, we were in the Digital Revolution. Many are starting to call the 21st century the period of the Impact Revolution.

According to Moen experts, the use of sustainable materials is exploding across every aspect of design culture from furniture to fashion. Recycling and repurposing are key micro-trends within this bigger picture, and the hallmark of this design style is the inclusion of antiques – a sustainable and unique purchase.

One way to incorporate sustainable design and functionality into the home is through fixtures with water-savings features, products that use recycled ocean plastic and antique or thrifted décor/furniture.

Mission Moen is Moen’s initiative to innovate for the water of tomorrow. The first initiative is to create innovative, water-saving products to enable users to help the brand achieve a goal of saving 1 trillion gallons of water by 2030. The second commitment is to recover and repurpose 2,000 tons of ocean plastic by 2030. Moen has several products, such as the Flo Smart Water Monitor and Shutoff, that help automate conservation efforts at home to aid in improving the overall wellness of our planet while also providing peace of mind.

Impactful Design goes beyond sustainability in product design. It also includes representation.

“Moen experts see diversity in the home as the collection of differences and similarities, and it’s important to celebrate and exhibit those in our work as designers,” says DeBoe Harper. “Brands who celebrate that diversity can better help clients carve designs that are unique to them, allowing them to stay true to their core values while also playing with various trends.”

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