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New Flo by Moen Property Water Security System Provides Leak Detection and Water Monitoring for Multi-Family Properties


North Olmsted, Ohio… Managing and maintaining rental and multi-family properties is no easy feat – especially when it comes to water leaks that are often hidden until they become a larger issue. With the new Flo by Moen Property Water Security System from Moen, multi-family and rental property owners can now easily and remotely protect their investments from costly water damage and pipe leaks.

This online, subscription-based service allows multi-family property owners to monitor for water leaks, view water usage, and help protect units by alerting teams of potential water issues in real time. The convenient, web-based dashboard allows property owners to experience the benefits of Flo by Moen smart water products and control the water security of individual units, whole buildings, or multiple properties from anywhere at any time.

The Property Water Security System includes Flo by Moen Smart Water Shutoff devices, which are installed on the water lines going into individual units to monitor water pressure and flow rate to identify leaks or other vulnerabilities. If the device senses a potential issue in a unit, it will alert property teams through real-time alerts – sent via the dashboard, text, call or email – so they can act accordingly. Devices will then automatically shut off the water going into a unit to help prevent a catastrophic leak, or the valve can be closed remotely right from the System dashboard.

“Water damage can be devastating, so it’s important for property owners to be able to protect themselves and the residents that occupy their buildings, and smart technology can help provide peace of mind and allow teams to manage issues with efficiency,” says Mason Hall, director, marketing, digital and IoT, Moen. “The Property Water Security System is designed to provide a preventative approach to leak detection and with programmable, 24/7 monitoring and alerts, it also allows users to communicate within the system so it’s easy to track when maintenance crews have resolved potential issues.”

Additionally, the Smart Water Shutoff monitors water usage, and through the live water data, owners and managers can view water consumption and set conservation goals to encourage water savings. Properties also may be eligible for discounts on insurance through their broker by installing the device – to further help with cost savings.

For leaks related to malfunctioning appliances or environmental factors, Flo by Moen Smart Water Detectors are available to identify when and where moisture is present in a unit or on the property and help reduce the risk of water damage. The Flo by Moen Smart Water Shutoff and Smart Water Detectors can be used individually or work together for more comprehensive property protection – all through the Property Water Security System.

Moen also offers several accessories to help properties install and adapt to Flo by Moen smart water products. Since a Wi-Fi connection is required for the Smart Water Shutoff and the web-based dashboard to communicate, Moen has developed an optional Cellular Antenna that can be used if Wi-Fi is not available at the property; the Cellular Antenna will be available in early 2021. Other accessories include a Spacer Installation Kit, Battery Backup and Extension Cable.

The Flo by Moen Property Water Security System is currently available in the United States only.

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