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Design Trends for the Travel Bug

Travelers are often struck by the unique design style of a certain locale, such as the bright, bold colors of Havana houses or the distinct, chic sophistication of Parisian architecture. And with Millennial families intending to travel 36 percent more than last year [1], it’s likely that many will come home longing to recreate the memory of their time away.

One easy way to do it? Infusing inspiration from your travels into your home’s décor. From highlighting trinkets and souvenir collections to hanging foreign artwork and tapestries, there are many ways to integrate the essence of your favorite locales into your space while also elevating its style.

Start with Souvenirs

Once you’ve traveled, you can’t help but obsess over such a life-changing experience, and of course, you want to remember your journeys with souvenirs. But how can you translate your passion for adventure into your space without making your home look like a mismatched jumble of photos and snow globes?

“Mementos should be highlighted, but not stand out in a way that detracts from the overall décor,” says Danielle DeBoe Harper, interior designer and senior creative content manager at Moen, a leading manufacturer of kitchen and bath fixtures. “When traveling, jetsetters should consider skipping the cheesy souvenir shops and look for accents that they can use in their home’s décor instead.”

DeBoe Harper recommends searching for small items that easily can be transported back home in a suitcase, like candles with a scent reminiscent of the trip or collectibles that can double as coffee table centerpieces. Vases, blankets and small pieces of art are great choices, too.

“Artwork is my favorite travel souvenir,” adds DeBoe Harper. “Building collections over time based on memories creates a unique-to-you space.”

Be Mindful of the Buildings

Whether it’s streamlined skyscrapers or grand palaces, architecture is distinctively reflective of a place – and an easy starting point when it comes to searching for home design inspiration.

“When searching for décor ideas, think back to favorite buildings from your most recent trip,” suggests DeBoe Harper. “Whether it’s columns inspired by the Colosseum or pointed arches mimicking Westminster Abbey’s Gothic design, using textures, materials and forms in your space that mirror the architecture of your favorite getaway can transport you back to that destination.”

For example, if you’re looking to imitate the bold colors and flair from your last Mexican getaway, use hand-painted tiles around your house for an unexpected pop of color on areas such as staircases, kitchen backsplashes and more. Or, integrate stone mosaics and latticework in an homage to the country’s Mayan architecture.

For a sleek, modern Scandinavian interior, incorporate a muted color palette, and blend metal and wooden elements. Combine a Matte Black faucet, such as Moen’s Align® spring kitchen faucet, with a shiplap backsplash in your kitchen, or mix wood floors with industrial-inspired elements, such as armchairs or a dining room set, to achieve a chic, unfinished vibe, popular in Nordic countries.

Picture Perfect

If you’ve ever traveled, you most likely took hundreds – or thousands! – of snapshots. Luckily, those pictures can come in handy when selecting a color palette for your space.

“Sorting through the photographs of your travels can help identify prominent hues from your favorite destination and subtly engage your memory of what it was like to be there,” says DeBoe Harper. “Once a color palette is determined, those shades can be incorporated into your space through paint, unique fabrics or wall paper.”

For example, if you live inland but love the water, bring the coast to you by adding simple woven rugs in taupe, painting the walls a pale blue hue, and infusing golden accents through a Brushed Gold faucet and coordinating accessories, like those from Moen’s Voss bathroom suite. Took a trip to Washington, D.C. in cherry blossom season? Add pops of pink to your room and faux flowers to bring the capital’s foliage into your home.

“Integrating past adventures into your space doesn’t require an entire home redesign,” says DeBoe. “Whether you’re replicating the bohemian feel of Costa Rica or a hip Brooklyn vibe, you can do better than just putting up some refrigerator magnets. Use these tips to update your space and help you remember past trips – even when you’re stuck at home.”


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