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North Olmsted, Ohio... On average, we spend more than 3,000 minutes in our showers every year...but how men and women use those minutes might surprise you. New Moen Research explores how men and women's showering and grooming routines compare:

  • Women take longer showers (7.2 vs. 6.3 minutes), but men shower more frequently than women. Overall, the average length of time spent in the shower has decreased by more than 50 percent from 2009. Shower time now clocks in at 6.8 minutes, vs. 13 minutes then.
  • More women than men do some of their biggest thinking in the shower, either reflecting on their day (84%) or running through their to-do lists (78%).
  • More women than men tend to shower in the evening, showering before bed to wind down.
  • Twenty-eight percent of those surveyed prefer handheld showerheads. Why? Because handhelds make it easier to clean hair and body while showering, clean the tub and/or shower and wash pets. Moen® hand showers with Magnetix™ even offer a powerful magnetic dock that allows for easy release of the hand shower, as well as a secure return back into place -- even when your eyes are closed.

"Whatever their showering habits may be, showerheads with Magnetix allow consumers to customize their experience to their unique needs," said Maribeth Kwasniewski, director of retail marketing, Moen. "With six high-performance spray options, ranging from traditional spray to pulsing massage; and a 60-inch, kink-free metal hose for extended reach, Magnetix hand showers make it simple to accomplish everything you want to do in the shower, from bathing the family Fido to relaxing at the end of a long day."


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