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Top Products for People Who Hate Mornings

North Olmsted, Ohio... Does the thought of rising and "shining" make you cringe? Face it -- you're just not a morning person. Luckily, there are many products out there that can help you get out of bed... and even on the right side.

Out-of-the-ordinary Alarm Clock
Are you one to hit snooze multiple times? If so, try a new and unique alarm clock that won't allow you to drift back to sleep. From options that require you to perform tasks like arm curls, trivia or puzzles to turn it off... or those that move and force you to catch them... there are many fun products that will help you get you up and at 'em.

Sensational Showerhead
It's tough to want to leave the comfort of your bed, but the warmth of a shower can be the perfect reason. Take yours to the next level with an upgraded showerhead. Hand showers with Magnetix™ from Moen are an excellent option since they offer an integrated magnetic dock to make them a snap to use -- even if your eyes are still closed.

Better with Body Sprays
If one stream of water is not enough to get you moving -- upgrade to a vertical spa with body sprays. Moen's Mosaic™ flushmount body sprays -- available in both single- or multi-function versions -- tilt to allow you to move the water exactly where you want it to provide full-body coverage that will surely wake you up from head to toe.

Have a Seat
With your new fabulous upgrades -- you may never want to leave the shower. So why not add some extra comfort and safety with a shower seat. Fold-down versions are ideal to provide a beautiful aesthetic, while making tasks, such as shaving, safe and simple. Just don't get so relaxed that you fall back to sleep!

It Makes "Scents"
Love the smell of coffee brewing? While it may be delicious, there are other aromas that are proven to increase alertness to wake you up. Look for body washes, facial cleansers and other products with jasmine, citrus or peppermint scents -- which actually stimulate the same nerve that's activated when you're revived with smelling salts!

Let there be Light
The same way that lights can inhibit sleep... bright lights in the morning will help you wake up easier. Add window blinds that attach at the bottom of the window and pull up. This will allow you to keep the top of the window area uncovered to allow light to shine through, while still providing privacy in your bed and bathroom areas.

Variety is the Spice of Life
More than half of adults in the U.S. drink a cup of coffee every day. And with the popularity of single-cup brewers, there's no reason you should stick with the same cup of Joe each day. Make your mornings more interesting by purchasing random assortment packs. Will it be a mocha latte or a hazelnut morning? Maybe the suspense will help nudge you towards the kitchen to get your day started.

Reason to Smile
Once you're out of bed, showered and trying to get your day going, add a few items to your daily routine that will make you smile. Whether it's a picture of your family and friends -- or simply a coffee mug with a funny or inspirational saying -- finding something that will help start your day with a smile is sure to make a difference... even if you're not a morning person.


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