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North Olmsted, Ohio...With the wealth of home improvement television shows and inspirational websites, today's homeowners planning to update their kitchen or bath are more informed, more demanding and better educated than ever before. While many household products are purchased online, when it comes to plumbing fixtures, shoppers often turn to an in-person visit at a wholesale plumbing showroom instead. In fact, so many decorative plumbing and hardware purchases occur in local stores*, that Moen dedicates itself to creating the ultimate showroom shopping experience.

Designed with Consumers in Mind

Before shoppers ever see the designs that hit the showroom shelves, Moen delves deep into the minds of consumers to determine their wants and needs. When developing new products, Moen keeps style in focus -- while never losing sight of the needs of "real life." They truly listen and observe, and create products based on the features and benefits users are seeking.

"Moen's thoughtful design approach works to uncover unmet needs and create improvements that naturally enhance a person's way of using a product," said Andrea Conroy, senior director of marketing, Moen U.S. Wholesale."We challenge ourselves everyday to go a little bit further and deeper to find the insights needed to develop great products."

Moen products featured in showrooms appeal to a wide range of budgets, with finishes and designs that appeal to a variety of tastes."We can show clients something at every price point without compromising style or value," said Kara Perry, showroom manager, Weinstein Kitchen and Bath Showroom, Collingswood, NJ. "Moen makes it easy for us to help our customers create a cohesive look. Once a homeowner decides on a bathroom faucet, we can then choose coordinating lighting, accessories and tub or shower fixtures."

"Everyday we'll have someone come in and say 'I've had a Moen faucet in the past and that's what I want to purchase again'," said Perry. "That's an easy sell for us because we feel the same way, and so do our plumbers and contractors."

While offering basic styles, Moen focuses its showroom merchandising efforts on products that offer a wealth of style choices to consumers while helping consultants feature the most profitable products. Moen's newly launched Gallery merchandising solution was designed to better serve showroom consultants and homeowners shopping for new plumbing fixtures through its engaging display of Moen's complete portfolio. Gallery allows consultants to move the product from the display wall into a vignette to help the shopper envision the design in a home-like setting, which ultimately makes selling more effective.

Style isn't the only thing that consumers look for when choosing a product, they want to know it's going to last. Moen products are manufactured under the highest standards of quality, and most Moen faucets are backed by a limited lifetime warranty**.

"The lifetime warranty is definitely an attractive selling point. Customers want to know that if something goes wrong, Moen is going to stand behind the product and make it right," said Juliana Burzacki, showroom manager, GSI Bath Showplace, Stone Harbor, NJ.

Inspired Innovation

In addition to offering styles to meet any design preference, Moen understands the importance of innovation. "Moen brings meaningful products to the marketplace," said Brian Mocny, national showroom manager, Moen. "We're constantly striving to exceed our customers' expectations and offer technology they didn't realize they needed until they've discovered it in a Moen product."

One such innovation is Moen's Reflex® technology, which was developed to improve the overall experience at the kitchen sink. Reflex, which is offered on a number of Moen faucets, makes everyday tasks easier, with a spray wand that literally puts itself away. Reflex also boasts exceptional range of motion and generous reach.

"The Reflex technology on the pulldown spray wands is fabulous, it's such a big selling point when I show it to my customers," added Burzacki. "Moen is doing a great job when it comes to being on the cutting edge of technology."

Plumbers and installers also recognize the innovation Moen offers for easy installation. One such example is Moen's new Duralock™ Quick-Connect system. This hassle-free installation solution helps save valuable time for plumbers and DIY installers alike with an intuitive system that allows faucets to be installed without the use of tools. Moen also offers the M•PACT® common valve system, which allows homeowners or installers the ability to easily swap out bath or shower faucets at any time and never touch the plumbing. All changes can be made above the deck or in front of the wall.

"The contractors and plumbers we work with love Moen products because they can get the job done correctly and more efficiently," said Philip Lewis, showroom consultant, Grant Plumbing Supply, Pleasantville, NJ. "Because they prefer working with Moen products, they recommend their customers also purchase Moen."

Best-in-Class Support

Moen offers a dedicated sales force direct from the manufacturer, which means they are product experts, committed to the product and to the customer. This gives the showroom consultants peace of mind in knowing they can reach Moen any time of the day to quickly resolve issues.

"Customer service is extremely important in our industry. It gives us full confidence when selling a product to know that if there are issues down the road, Moen will back me up," added Lewis.

In addition to the attentive sales force, Moen provides a number of tools -- including the 1-800-BUY-MOEN number -- which offer instant access to trained product experts. "If we have any parts missing or product questions, there's no wait time, it's so easy to get what you need to satisfy your customer," added Perry.

After working with numerous showroom consultants, plumbers and installers, Moen also learned they all had one thing in common: they experienced situations in which they needed expedited, reliable shipping for certain projects. To help solve this issue, Moen recently launched Express Direct™; a convenient option that offers same-day shipment within the continental U.S. on all Moen Wholesale products and bath accessories with available inventory.

"We take pride in products and services that will help enhance our customers' business...and this type of program is one they've been seeking," said Conroy. "Moen's current standard processing time for a product order is four days, which is excellent in this industry. But now, Moen Express Direct provides our customers with an option for those situations when standard shipping isn't fast enough."

Showroom Success

To support showroom partners, Moen has also developed a Showroom of Distinction Program, which consists of a select group of showrooms around the country that represent the best selection of Moen kitchen and bath products and provide exceptional customer service. These Showroom of Distinction sales consultants are also able to participate in Moen's Cash Flow Rewards program, which provides rewards to consultants who sell select Moen products. The Cash Flow Rewards program helps Moen deepen its relationships with showroom sales consultants by providing training and rewarding performance.

"The reason our company allows us to participate in Cash Flow Rewards, is because it's a brand and product we believe in, it's good quality, and Moen offers the styles that our customers are looking for," said Burzacki. "It's a bonus, but it's not why I sell Moen."

For more information on Moen products or to find a local showroom consultant, visit moen.com.

*Source: 2012 Accenture Consumer Electronics Products and Services Usage Report

** For full warranty information, visit moen.com


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