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University of Connecticut Maintenance Challenge

With constant use, extremely high traffic and various visitors each day, the fixtures in these spaces have to be durable and stylish... providing an atmosphere that feels like home, but performs like a public space. When its existing bathroom products couldn't meet these requirements, the University of Connecticut turned to Moen Commercial to properly outfit its facilities to meet their needs.

The faucets and showerheads previously installed just couldn't stand up to the level of use our dormitory bathrooms experience on a daily basis," said Linda Sumner, QCW Carpenter at University of Connecticut. "Not only would they break and malfunction; when we had to make service calls, the parts were often unavailable."

It's important to keep each and every dormitory bathroom operating properly, as it's one of the only showering spaces available for the building's residents. "Imagine if the bathroom in your house was out of service for a period of time ; it would be a huge inconvenience. To keep this from negatively affecting our students, we knew we needed to make a switch. So we looked to the Moen Commercial products, and the quality we've received from Moen is just so much better. "

"Public restrooms can be some of the most used and abused spaces; that's especially true in college dormitories..."

Before switching to the M-Dura line of commercial bathroom faucets, Sumner said the handles of the previous products kept breaking off, leaving the faucets inoperable. Now, the products can withstand the rigors of dorm usage, both at the sink and in the shower. "In addition to the bathroom faucets, we also installed new Moen products in the shower, which provide valuable water savings... a great feature not only for today's facilities, but for the enduser as well. Being in the dorms, products get a lot of abuse, and not only are they sturdier, they look nicer, too."

Moen Commercial Eco-Performance showerheads flow at 1.5 gallons per minute (gpm), compared to the current standard of 2.5 gpm. Not only is this savings significant in reducing water consumption, but it also lowers a building's overall energy costs, as less hot water is used. These showerheads feature a solid brass shell and a durable Chrome finish, allowing them to stand up to students and rigorous cleaning performed by housekeeping staff.

"We couldn't be happier with the Moen products we've installed," Sumner added. "The quality and accessibility of Moen's sales team is far superior to what we've experienced in the past with other brands. We know that if an issue was ever to arise, it would be handled quickly, keeping our facilities running smoothly and our residents happy."