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Moen faucets pass the test at Northern Illinois University

Gary Carter was a residential plumber before joining the staff at Northern Illinois University, so he knew Moen made high-quality residential fixtures.

However, as plumbing shop foreman for the 20,000-student school in DeKalb, he had to be positive that Moen's commercial products were up to the task before recommending them. "I came across a Moen commercial faucet, I took it apart and I liked it," he said.

NIU has been using that product, the Moen Commercial M-Power chrome one-handle sensor-operated faucet, in lavatories since 2010. Carter and his crew have installed more than 100 of the replacement faucets in dormitories, academic and administrative buildings as existing fixtures fail. User feedback has been positive, he said. "They like the operation," he said. "They're happy with the speed at which it turns on and they like the way it looks."

"The touchless faucets also save water and help prevent the spread of disease," he said.

Like virtually every other college and school employee charged with plant maintenance and repair, Carter finds himself having to do more with smaller budgets and fewer workers. That's why he appreciates the Moen faucets' durability and low maintenance.

"He expects the faucets to last 20 years, even with heavy usage."

Beyond routine battery replacement, the Moen faucets have not required additional work, Carter said. Moen customer support has been quick to respond to questions and even redesigned the aerators at his request, he added. He expects the faucets to last 20 years, even with heavy usage. Given the performance of the replacement faucets, Carter told university architects to spec Moen faucets and showers in dormitory remodels and new construction, a recommendation they have followed. "Since I'm the one who has to maintain the equipment, I'm glad they chose a brand I know works and that will last," he said.