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Sonoma State University

Recognized by Princeton Review as having one of the nation's most "green" campuses, Sonoma State University (SSU) has opted for Moen Commercial valves, fixtures and cartridges in its new and renovated facilities.

Original plumbing hardware in the locker and shower rooms at SSU's 65,985-square-foot Physical Education Building needed replacement, and Kevin Davis, SSU lead plumber, proposed researching and developing a time and materials cost-savings plan for the showers. Davis was able to design a 14-gallon stainless steel hexagonal enclosure that would retrofit the existing column showers and equip them with six Moen Posi-Temp® valves per column. Davis also chose Moen vandal-resistant showerheads, and the retrofit provided an immediate water-savings solution and improved performance.

"We are very pleased with the performance of Moen's new cartridge with its robus and 'bullet proof' design."

"It is a perfect fit for an institution like Sonoma State University, where there are hundreds of shower valves that must perform effectively and efficiently year-round across the campus," says Davis.