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With 100 schools and 14 support buildings to maintain, Tim Stanfield, Maintenance Services Supervisor for the Fulton County Board of Education in Georgia, has a big job. Not only does his team provide preventive and corrective maintenance and emergency response service to all facilities and equipment in Georgia's fourth largest school district, he is also charged with keeping the equipment serviced and operating properly to create a safe and healthy environment. So when existing plumbing fixtures started malfunctioning, it was his team's responsibility to find the best solution.

"We had installed plumbing products throughout our facilities that began leaking and were damaged," Stanfield said. "When we contacted the manufacturer to service the products, we learned that the warranty was no longer valid, and we were left in a tight spot since we hadn't budgeted to replace the failing products in the middle of the year." Instead of repairing the existing faucets and flush valves, Stanfield and his team decided to replace them with products from Moen Commercial.

"Since the M•Power line features piston technology, it allowed the new products to work with our low pressure."

There were a number of factors that led Stanfield to choose Moen Commercial; two of the most important were its industry-leading five-year warranty against material or manufacturing defects and its contribution toward lower lifetime operation costs for the facilities. Heavy-duty M•Dura™ faucets, M•Press™ metering faucets and M•Power™ electronic faucets were installed throughout the buildings, along with M•Power electronic flush valves.

"The buildings also had issues with pressure and line trash causing the previous flush valves to malfunction," Stanfield added. "Since the M•Power line features piston technology, it allowed the new products to work with our low pressure. Plus they're a much more reliable product and aren't as susceptible to the line trash issues, keeping our overall facility maintenance running much smoother and keeping our costs much lower."

Another benefit of the Moen Commercial products are the long-lasting cartridges, which cut down on the number of parts the maintenance team needed to keep in stock. Plus, any electronic components are able to be serviced and replaced easily if needed, without having to remove the entire valve.

"The Moen Commercial products provide the water efficiency, lower lifetime costs and sales support and service we need for an organization our size," Stanfield said. "We're pleased that we were able to find such reliable and superior options for our facilities, making the entire maintenance team's job much easier."