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Moen EcoPerformance Products

We're dedicated to creating water-efficient products and driving innovative, high-quality designs that help reduce the environmental impact as well as the cost to you. Sustainability is the smart thing to do for our business; it's the right thing to do for the community.

Moen 101 Training

Moen 101 is designed to provide basic product identification information and background on our innovations and core product platforms. This content is laid out in a series of modules by product category.

Moen Literature Center

Moen Literature Center

Looking for literature on Moen products? Search, download and share. All of our catalogs are right here.
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Moen Image Library

Get access and download Moen photography, logos, videos, brand standards, and advertising.

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We Make Processing Returns Convenient

Moen wants to support you, our customers, and can make processing returns more convenient. Non-Defective Return Goods Authorization and Defective Return Goods Authorization requests can both be made at the Moen B2B Connect website

Please use the Moen Order Discrepancy Authorization Form if Moen created an error on your Purchase Order that resulted in any of the following:

  • Wrong Part/Sku or finish ordered/shipped by Moen
  • Incorrect Qty Ordered/Shipped by Moen
  • Expedited shipping/Air Freight request missed on PO
  • Drop Ship address missed on PO
  • CJQ Pricing missed on PO
We Make Processing Returns Convenient

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